Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

In thy hallowed face!

I have a viewpoint on everything.
I may be constrained by the amount of background data available. But rest assured... i will have something to say nonetheless!

It’s not about having the first word in or the last word out. It’s about having a word to put it. I read a lot of blogs. Yes I do have something to say (on each one of them). It’s not about a positive or a negative word. It’s about applying the intellect to add value to the writings of others. Again - “value” - highly debatable - but you either do your thing or wait for an earthquake to come and shake it loose!

So - coming back to politics. I hold no affiliation to either/any of the available parties. None of their preached / practiced ideologies hold much water for me. I prefer t think of myself as a patriot who views things with a lens of what I perceive to be good for this country.

I stay up at nights and wonder if being vocal and expressive - the “in your face” attitude will take me far. It’s taken me down a road where the pitfalls are numerous. I seriously wonder if I should change myself.... the moment passes....!!

So the dregs of society who play games with us and our minds can go screw themselves. I’m in favor of the constitutional amendment that will allow the citizens of this country to bear arms for their protection.

It may be difficult to digest at present given the stuff we keep hearing / seeing about school shootouts in the USA. But I do believe that if the goon knows I may be armed - he’d think a few times before messing around with me!

The greater good - that’s what we’re talking about here!

Please go ahead and disagree......

Keep dreaming dude if you think I am going to let you go around carrying arms. One cyclist cuts our way and you'd probably shoot the poor bugger down

i haven't shot anyone till date....

what makes you think crossing my path would consitute self defence?

When have you seen me raise a hand against anyone in anger.. except when your drunk classmate got violent?

My IQ & my EQ are at a level where carrying a weapon is not tantamount to using it.

Go on... tell tell!!

Well first of all you told everyone to go ahead and disagree with you :P

Anyway no crossing your path does not occasion the use of firearms, and I didn't say that you would for sure shoot down the poor bugger. All I'm saying is that sometimes when your anger takes over, your judgment gets clouded and if there is a gun at hand, things may just get out of hand.

And I agree you haven't lifted your hand in vain, unfortunately there are other ppl in Delhi who do life their arms and weapons in vain or to satisfy their ego. In such cases its more practical to just walk away. if however you also have a gun you wouldn't walk away.

And don' give me that thing about being a man and all, being a good soldier is also knowing when to take the challenge and when not to.

yes - i did... and you obliged me too :-)

well if I'm angry.. it's always good to be "NOT"around me..!!

.. and hey.. I will not walk away from a scrap whether I was armed or not. That's just me.

Being a good soldier is about choosing ones battles with care - but there are times when one must do what's got to be done!

This is not about me having a gun and cleaning up the system. It's about our right to bear arms and being able to defend oneself.
Heck - by the time you call the police and expect them to arrive - the story would already be at a "THE END"

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