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Hospitals etc

I’ve never liked hospitals. It’s just that my line of work that takes me there from time to time. A visit to the hospital to meet a doctor doesn’t strike me personally. There is an element of being detached which separates the pain in the faces of all those around me from the task at hand - convince the doctor that my products are the best.

I’m in the business of providing care for the critically ill. How reasonable is it to separate that caring from the real world commercial reality?

Today I feel different.

I was at PGI Chandigarh in connection with my aunts critical state of health. I’m close to her - but haven’t spent much time with her in the last decade and a half. Blame my career aspirations for that. So one can imagine that there’d be a certain gap - a schism of sorts.
Her state of health at this point in time ain’t too great. As I upload this to the internet - she’s under the doctors knife. Suddenly all that commercial crap seems so far away. I don’t care what brands he is using today. All that matters to me is that he better be careful and does his best. It’s no longer professional when one can accept a PERCENTAGE error. This is strictly personal and there’s no way anything less than the 100% will do.

Two faced me - maybe!
But i hope to god he gets it right this time ....
Maasi -we’re all praying for you.

Well sometimes we need to separate the professional from the private and sometimes the private from the professional.

Also praying for Maasi.

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