Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


there are global issues today!

oil price rise
the falling us dollar
bush’s war in Iraq
the proposed war against Iran
terrorism in Kashmir
worldwide food shortage
the greenhouse effect
melting polar ice
how i am going through the next working day
supriya missed the footwear “SALES” in town

ok - so some of them aren’t!!

But how much attention do we really pay to the issues around us??

Big question!!
The answer is quite simple.

Most of us care a damn for melting polar ice and the war in Iraq s long as we’re not affected directly. We fail to observe the presence of the “BUTTERFLY EFFECT”.

I am a survivalist. I intend to live out my life as is ordained by the lines on my hand. So I wonder how one cascading effect will lead to another... I’d hate to be Del Amitri singing - always the last to know!!

I’ve done my bit of reading on history. Suffice it to say that the biggest events had a very small trigger. What’s the next trigger coming our way? Maybe we don’t give it much thought. But we should. Our thoughts, words and most of all - our actions will go a long way in preventing events befalling us! We have to be prepared.

We can prevent things from befalling us. Even events that are classified as FORCE MAJEURE - we can work together to ensure that they don’t happen!

There is birth, death and this empty space in between. Well - some would disagree that it ain’t empty. I disagree and say that for most of us life is a factory (monotonous production line) and it ain’t worth a shit! Some of us dream that things will change and a pitiful few work towards effecting that change. I try and work towards it in the small sphere of influence that I exert. I don’t care that it is a worldwide success. I only hope that when the time comes - we are ready and ride out that BIG wave.

Call me a pessimist - absolutely not! I was born believing I will be the king of the world someday. Maybe not today!

But I’ll be around for a bit :-)

..... this ain’t over. There’s more to come from this mind yet!

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