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Blocking a vent

It’s a strange situation that i find myself in. Well - aren’t they always!!
I blog on a regular basis. Most times - he thoughts flow. It’s difficult for my typing to keep pace with them Then again just that once in a while - i feel the onrush but it’s like - gone in a blink. Before i can say jackrabbit - elvis has left the building!
Bloggers block they call it.

The block gets lifted and sunshine prevails!
I cannot stand stupidity. In fact I can very candidly admit that i see red when stupidity raises her/his bright little head. I see things life Mr.Karat & Co. blackmailing the govt on the Nuclear deal issue. I’m no Congress lover - but then this is like crap. We accept it as if this part and parcel of democracy - maybe in spirit - but not in the way things are being done today. I see folks who are penny wise and pound foolish - people who will quote ideals to save the proverbial buck but splurge on other wasteful stuff and leaving others perplexed. Then there are those who love to look at the GIFT HORSE in the face and ignore his presence. You can lead them wherever, but they’ll never recognize an opportunity. They talk positive and act negative. Line em up against the wall and reduce the burden - I say!

I see opportunities around me everyday - but I hesitate. The reason - well there’s just one reason - the clod on top. The youngster is manufactured from a special clay - that refuses to get moulded. Maybe someday he’ll be all grown up and all that. He goes through bouts of contradiction and generally suffers from an inferiority complex. I tried to help out - in the beginning - now I’m past caring! It’s just too much effort explaining things in their minutest of details to him. There are some tasks he’d given me - and true to my vindictive nature - I’ve just let them be - he constantly emails me / questions me - I play dumb gleefully! It’s like John who showed Rita the middle finger - i do it a little more subtly - the clod is my brother after all!
A friendly consultant advised me to get out because people don’t really change - I may adjust but never change. I listened and agreed to his viewpoint. But I let it lie there. I want to see how much I can actually take. The doctor says its not good to test this particular feeling - but I’ll walk the edge for a bit.

I’m doing my bit for my uncle and aunt and the debt I owe them. I’m also doing it for me - because I believe I have made a difference to the folks around me. The debt is not in monetary terms - more like deep seated respect and love - but the CLOD is a real test of willpower.

It’s funny - what started out as a rant on bloggers block moved onto an appreciation of the stupid mind and a catharsis of feelings that affect me.


sam said…
hey, can you update your blogroll from my blogger link to the wordpress one? :-)
Arjun said…
what's the wordpress URL???

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