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Keepin score!!

The onset of a low in the biorhythm cycle can be observed more effectively from the outside. It’s difficult to sit on judgment on the self. It’s like something is eating me up on the inside - but I don’t know what it is!
She senses it. She hints and presumes that all may not be right. The common observation is that I’m on 2 extremes - cranky or hyper! I’ve been overtly defensive and then extremely intolerant. This is like a festering wound which I cannot identify or diagnose effectively. My patience levels have been running low for sometime now. I have to will myself to be quiet when it would happen so naturally otherwise.

I’m going to try something new now. Something to help calm me.

I’m gonna motivate me to be cool (aka CALM)

Everyday that I go through without sarcastic remarks, angry retorts, crazy expressions, cold attitude - I will track and give myself 6 points.

The initial monthly target will be 150 points.

We will move that up to 175 points in the next 6 months!

180 is UTOPIA!

There w…

KNOL calling!

Have you tried the KNOL page???

KNOL is a unit of knowledge. It’s the GOOGLE guys’ answer to WIKIPEDIA!
Check it out!

I like their concept of knowledge sharing.. and the underlying concept that guided GOOGLE - DO NO EVIL

One of these days I shall write a KNOL too.


there are global issues today!

oil price rise
the falling us dollar
bush’s war in Iraq
the proposed war against Iran
terrorism in Kashmir
worldwide food shortage
the greenhouse effect
melting polar ice
how i am going through the next working day
supriya missed the footwear “SALES” in town

ok - so some of them aren’t!!

But how much attention do we really pay to the issues around us??

Big question!!
The answer is quite simple.

Most of us care a damn for melting polar ice and the war in Iraq s long as we’re not affected directly. We fail to observe the presence of the “BUTTERFLY EFFECT”.

I am a survivalist. I intend to live out my life as is ordained by the lines on my hand. So I wonder how one cascading effect will lead to another... I’d hate to be Del Amitri singing - always the last to know!!

I’ve done my bit of reading on history. Suffice it to say that the biggest events had a very small trigger. What’s the next trigger coming our way? Maybe we don’t give it much thought. But we should. Our thought…

Treading by the mill!

I do manage to get on the treadmill every now and then.
It does me good too!

But try as I might - morning exercise was not made for me (and vice versa)
So I'm hopeful that the days we get home at a decent hour... and when it's not my turn to cook, then I shall with all the dedication in my warm lil heart, perform!

Staying fit was never easy!

What’s It!!

So maybe my grammar is off. I have replaced the hallowed “?” with a more in our face “!” n the title for this post.

So if you have watched the film where pappu - who obviously can’t dance - then you’d have learned that the mind works in a weird manner shutting out the scenes that make life difficult. It’s so much easier to imagine and work in a world where there is happiness all around and no “bad” things whatsoever.

That’s the whole idea of playing “WHAT’S IT” !!

Look at something and imagine it were not so.

Let me help you out with alive example. Take a look at the pic below and tell me what you’d infer!

It's not just a tree.....
It's a pretty ballerina giving her best as she performs to the crowd in the darkness..
She throws her hands about and sashays with grace waiting for the cameras to begin!

Whaddaya think?

In thy hallowed face!

I have a viewpoint on everything.
I may be constrained by the amount of background data available. But rest assured... i will have something to say nonetheless!

It’s not about having the first word in or the last word out. It’s about having a word to put it. I read a lot of blogs. Yes I do have something to say (on each one of them). It’s not about a positive or a negative word. It’s about applying the intellect to add value to the writings of others. Again - “value” - highly debatable - but you either do your thing or wait for an earthquake to come and shake it loose!

So - coming back to politics. I hold no affiliation to either/any of the available parties. None of their preached / practiced ideologies hold much water for me. I prefer t think of myself as a patriot who views things with a lens of what I perceive to be good for this country.

I stay up at nights and wonder if being vocal and expressive - the “in your face” attitude will take me far. It’s taken me down a road where the pi…

Singh is King

Maya, advani and poor karat,
Thought they had them on the mat
But the old man showed them his thing
Shut down the opposition without even voting
Tabhi to kehte hain- singh is king!

Last minute changes!

I love surprises!
I hate last minute changes!
Yes - they simply turn me off - and then I react!
Earlier - I'd blow me topsy turvy - now i maintain a dignified silence - it's as if the troublemaker does not exist!!!
The womanly solution of hard rock silent wall works.... it throws everyone off balance - cos' then you become unpredictable.... I guess they don't like last minute changes either :-)

Memory does not fail me!

It came upon me suddenly....
I felt the urge to see what had become of them... those young ladies that I had a crush on - once upon a time.
So I searched for them... and guess what.. facebook works!!
I can't name them here - cos then I'm gonna get beat when I get home, if I ever make it that far :-) No Names - No Dates - No Places. I'll be facing a court martial if I talk.
I haven't attempted contacting them - but it's nice to see that I can still remember their names and what they looked like. Guess what - most of them wouldn't even remember the geeky lil fella who sat somewhere around them and was always trying to be helpful. I recollect that I was never shy - but yeah I wasn't BF material either. I was kinda confused! Not that it got better with age. It took quite a few falls to realize how things were destined to turn out.
I remember this time a couple of years ago when Tina and I were partying with Vishal and he had a couple of friends from HBS join us (in …

painfully yours!!

I've been down and out for this last week.
It's a funny kinda viral attack... makes me feel like windows PC!
Trust me - I don't like being unwell (who does) and staying at home with nothing to do.

I'm back in office today... so I thought I should have something to say... cos' nobody called to find out if I was ok....or not ok!!
Well I'm not ok that nobody called when everybody could have called.... somebody should definitely have called....
only sups...and mom.. and ma... and my lil sis from across the ocean... and my half gharwali.... everybody else forgot...!!


Well.. the fever has come on again... i had a sinful crow to relieve my misery but it ain't helping just yet..

This weekend looks bleak ... my life ain't what it used to be....

Blocking a vent

It’s a strange situation that i find myself in. Well - aren’t they always!!
I blog on a regular basis. Most times - he thoughts flow. It’s difficult for my typing to keep pace with them Then again just that once in a while - i feel the onrush but it’s like - gone in a blink. Before i can say jackrabbit - elvis has left the building!
Bloggers block they call it.

The block gets lifted and sunshine prevails!
I cannot stand stupidity. In fact I can very candidly admit that i see red when stupidity raises her/his bright little head. I see things life Mr.Karat & Co. blackmailing the govt on the Nuclear deal issue. I’m no Congress lover - but then this is like crap. We accept it as if this part and parcel of democracy - maybe in spirit - but not in the way things are being done today. I see folks who are penny wise and pound foolish - people who will quote ideals to save the proverbial buck but splurge on other wasteful stuff and leaving others perplexed. Then there are those who love to loo…

Hospitals etc

I’ve never liked hospitals. It’s just that my line of work that takes me there from time to time. A visit to the hospital to meet a doctor doesn’t strike me personally. There is an element of being detached which separates the pain in the faces of all those around me from the task at hand - convince the doctor that my products are the best.

I’m in the business of providing care for the critically ill. How reasonable is it to separate that caring from the real world commercial reality?

Today I feel different.

I was at PGI Chandigarh in connection with my aunts critical state of health. I’m close to her - but haven’t spent much time with her in the last decade and a half. Blame my career aspirations for that. So one can imagine that there’d be a certain gap - a schism of sorts.
Her state of health at this point in time ain’t too great. As I upload this to the internet - she’s under the doctors knife. Suddenly all that commercial crap seems so far away. I don’t care what brands he is using …

The Traveler & the Hunter

It’s a scenario that intrigues me from time to time.

There is the traveler making his way from point A o point B. He passes through a forest and encounter the wild wolf. He kills the wolf and continues to his destination.

Then there is a hunter, brave and wild at heart. He goes to the forest too. He seeks out the wild wolf and kills him.

In both cases a life was taken. Murder as we’d normally call it.

Rational people will debate that the hunter was evil and the traveler was not. It was an act of necessity for him. He had a destination in mind and the wolf was an obstruction in his path while the hunter was merely honing his skills.
I would agree with that line of thinking on most sunny days.
Today - unfortunately, dark clouds abound - so my skepticism gets the better of me.

I put forward the following point(s)
Murder was committed by both the individuals
Both did so as the need of the moment. I’m sure that when they came face to face with the wild, it was kill or be killed.
The hunter is desi…