Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...
I'm trying to be expressive....
... but all I end up doing is a whole lot of cribbing!!

I look inside and wonder if something is the matter with me.
Yes - something is definitely not right.

But what made this right.. into a wrong.
I look around for answers and my gaze turns to that rock under the waterfall.
It weathers the constant stream of water. It appears strong and solid. Yet the water withers it down.
The poor rock gets crushed to smithereens.... over a period of time. It can't move of its own accord so the poor fella can't quit. Quitting is bad - but getting smashed is worse!
I have talked to several people - but no guidance seems to satisfy me - no opinion makes sense. It's as if the stream of water is following wherever I go.
I guess I need to find peace somewhere....inside!
Before i get shot to pieces!!

*same pinch*
i'm feeling the same,jiju.
no answers inside as well.

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