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Don't drink and....

Monday, June 30, 2008
Well it's quite easy to say don't drink and drive.... don't drink and do this ... don't drink and do that..!!
Thanks a lot for the advice folks!

For the record - I don't drive (vehicles) at all.. so drinking and driving is out of the question!
Anyways for a change this ain't about me.... or well not in the sense that the advice is for me. It so happened that we attended a party this weekend and the drinks were in free flow mode... Everything was coming along nicely till the time came for the bar to shut shop. Heated arguments followed between a couple of the protagonists and the bouncers! I stepped in (i must have been out of m mind) to cool things down and voila the ire turned my way.
I tried a lil bit of reasoning ( what else can you do with drunk retards) but none of it seemed to work and when things were looking like they'd be getting out of hand and onto the face - sups pulled me out of the joint. I was hopping mad and not having consumed as much alcohol as I normally would - this was translating into rage!
Lucky me - she got me into the car and we continued the party elsewhere.
Their party continued to the lockup where the hotshot criminal lawyer got a tast of the 3rd degree... or so I presume!

This is not merely a vent out session - there is a moral of the story too.... it's coming up in the next few lines.

Don't drink and drive - you could kill someone else.
Don't drink and play the good samaritan - you could kill yourself.
Always have a sane person around in case you decide to drink.... keeps your chestnuts out of the fire
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Did you know?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Of course I do not spend my life.... cringing in fear... but it's good to be aware.
Supriya hates it when I Talk / think like this.... I know...!!
She's gonna hate the fact that I stole this image from another website... cos' it appealed to what was in my head at that time.....
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Back to the future

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Well I just downloaded a 30MB application that is titled the LEGO DIGITAL DESIGNER.
It's taken me right back across a decade and a half when playing with LEGO was my favorite pastime! It's just about around the time that I discovered the fairer sex....!!

Anyways , this is like the real thing! It's downloadable from the official LEGO WEBSITE and it's pretty easy to tinker around with as well.

Guess what someone is gonna be doing this weekend!!!!!
(btw - I'm definitely gonna be watching "THE HAPPENING" tomorrow)
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A brilliant end to a brilliant day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Ever written what you perceive to be a brilliant blogpost.... only to have the WINDOWS HANG ON YOU!!!
Oh man..... i'm so fumingly furious right now.... and that's after I've had a day filled with things going the wrong way!
Yes I am more than just a trifle angry!!
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White house no more

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Interesting thought
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Big coffee cup!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
I've never been much of a coffee person...
So when I ordered a cup of LARGE coffee, i was aiming to kill some time before the shops opened in Nehru place.
I was pleasantly surprised at the size of this time killer for 89 bucks (inclusive of 12.5% VAT). It took me a while getting to the bottom of that cup!
But there was slight "popping open" of the eyes feeling that kinda stayed me for a while thereafter.
I'm all chargedddddd uppppp!!!!
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Monday, June 02, 2008
I'm trying to be expressive....
... but all I end up doing is a whole lot of cribbing!!

I look inside and wonder if something is the matter with me.
Yes - something is definitely not right.

But what made this right.. into a wrong.
I look around for answers and my gaze turns to that rock under the waterfall.
It weathers the constant stream of water. It appears strong and solid. Yet the water withers it down.
The poor rock gets crushed to smithereens.... over a period of time. It can't move of its own accord so the poor fella can't quit. Quitting is bad - but getting smashed is worse!
I have talked to several people - but no guidance seems to satisfy me - no opinion makes sense. It's as if the stream of water is following wherever I go.
I guess I need to find peace somewhere....inside!
Before i get shot to pieces!!
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