Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Scream bloody murder

The most convenient or the most incredible.
We tend to believe these the most easily.

A point in question being the aarushi talwar & Hemraj murder case.
It was convenient to believe that he killed her.... Till he turned up a corpse. Now they say her dad did it. Mom says no, police say yes. Whom do we believe? Why are we assassinating the character of a dead 14 year old? Is it just sensationalism?

The media is confused and hence they portray everyone as being confused. Now i don't know who killed them but i know justice must prevail. Justice looks for facts, not feelings - so if daddy dearest did it - he should hang. But lets not presume his guilt.

I saw the mother on the telly and her strength came across. She's at crossroads and all available choices are tough ones. She lost her lil one and stands to lose her hubby now. I believe that family deserves a break. They need time to mourn as justice takes its course.

Let's give them their space...
Best Regards,
Arjun Mahajan

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