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a road undesired

Friday, May 30, 2008
Sometimes you can be as careful as you want to be. Yet life takes you down a path that was unforeseen. It is sad when fate forces your hand ... You have to show your hand..... Then its upto chance.... Go with rhe roll of the dice.
The mahabharata was played on dice. But no kingdom is at stake here. Its family versus a professional relationship. I was hoping it wouldn't get to the "versus" stage. But human nature plays its own unpredictable role....
Where do i go from here.... Still figuring that one out...
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die gurjar die

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Well i dont give a flying fu*k about reservations. I don't give a damn about politics either. I only know this. I'm going to delhi tomorrow and woe betide the fellow who comes in my way. I'll take at least two of them down with me.....

Best Regards,
Arjun Mahajan
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Scream bloody murder

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
The most convenient or the most incredible.
We tend to believe these the most easily.

A point in question being the aarushi talwar & Hemraj murder case.
It was convenient to believe that he killed her.... Till he turned up a corpse. Now they say her dad did it. Mom says no, police say yes. Whom do we believe? Why are we assassinating the character of a dead 14 year old? Is it just sensationalism?

The media is confused and hence they portray everyone as being confused. Now i don't know who killed them but i know justice must prevail. Justice looks for facts, not feelings - so if daddy dearest did it - he should hang. But lets not presume his guilt.

I saw the mother on the telly and her strength came across. She's at crossroads and all available choices are tough ones. She lost her lil one and stands to lose her hubby now. I believe that family deserves a break. They need time to mourn as justice takes its course.

Let's give them their space...
Best Regards,
Arjun Mahajan
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Saturday, May 24, 2008
I always rooted for the underdog.
Maybe that’s cos’ I always believed that he had more in him.

I watch movies all the time. Then one comes along that awakens the spirit. It makes me want to take the punches without ducking. It’s not how hard I can hit. It’s about how many I can take and keep going forward. That’s the story of success.
So speaketh Rocky!
Rocky Balboa is just a name to many. It’s a sequence of 6 films taking us through the life of a man who refused to cow down. I thought I had seen it all - but this last one - aptly titled ROCKY BALBOA - had wet eyes at the end of it.
The human spirit is tough... impregnable if we will it to be!

The question is how often do I do that....
Every once in a while - i don’t will it hard enough. So I lose. It appears that it’s time to give up and like an escapist I look for a route that will give me opportunity afresh. So what if I leave and find new pastures. Challenges will arise there as well. What then? Will the same escapist resurface or will I find some balls then?

I see the efforts of those around me - preying on my vulnerabilities.

I respect my family and love them! But I will not be cowed down by their belligerent yet stupid stratagem to dissuade me from my mission. This is a reaffirmation of the same.

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The survivor Pledge

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
1) I will not be a victim.

2) I will rise above.

3) I will give back.

4) I will change the world.
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Battery power

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
The body is like a battery.
Every once in a while it gets discharged. The power drains out and a listlessness seeps in.
Its time to break the humdrum of the banal and put thought to action. So i'm on leave today with the express intention of doing something interesting.......
I'm sitting at barista in saket, having deposited some bills & coffee. That should keep me going for a bit.
Wife is out of town - so no one to talk to...
Maybe I'll watch a film.....
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