Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

A year flies by... almost

3 days to go!
Then this marriage is 1 year old.... or should I say - We've been through 1 year of luv'n'learning and enjoyed every minute of it.... It's like "almost" new!!
Yep - even the "adjustments" have made me smile - in retrospect.
Mom & Dad won't be in Delhi for the Anniversary party.... neither will we!
So we had a quiet get together - the 4 of us, at HAO SHI NIAN NIAN.
Sitting pretty with her SNAKBITE (dats the yellow concoction)
Through the looking glass
Looking upwards...

congrajulations Arjun and Sups -

Now pls start fighting ...heard only mushy stories for the last one year - As a friend, I did not get a chance to mediate a fight .. boo [:p]

Have fun guys...

... thanks for the wishes Johnny boy!!
Yes - you didn't get much of a chance last year..but you're welcome to try this year....
I can't promise much luck though.... cos i cleaned out my skeletons from the cupboard

Many congratulations Arjun.....:)

Yes yes - a whole year of loving-and-learning... but you forgot the best part ---- you got the bestest half-gharwali ever...!! :P
** narcissist smile **

On a more serious note,you and didi make me wanna believe in fairytales..!!

hugs to both!!

Damn cute guys! Many congratulations, sups u love Lovely!!!!!!!!!

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