Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Two Faced me!!

Sometimes I wish I had 2 heads (... and thereby 2 faces).
One for work and one for home. One for business and one for pleasure. One to handle the boss and one to appease the wife. Oh - for a compartmentalized world & life.

There is a stark difference between the 2 lives that I lead. I’m a different person at home from the one I am at work. It’s not something I plan for - guess it just happens.

The transition period between the 2 causes friction - generally when transiting from WORK to HOME. The aggression & assertive tendencies take some watering down once i get into the car to get home.
It leads me to wonder if i’m doing a good job on either of the roles...
I wish I could be dual faced and say what was politically correct rather than what I perceive to be RIGHT.

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