Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Time for a RACE!!

Too many twists and turns... nothing is certain here!
Things move at a breakneck speed and there are no absolute blacks and whites. Everyone is imbued with deep shades of grey. So whom to root for??

The acting is good, the music is better and the stunts are definitely worth a watch. The horses and bods make for some great watching too...
The twists and turns keep one on edge till the end... yes - the end!
I kind of identify with Ranbirs (Saif) character. Play by the rules - but don’t hesitate to stretch them if required. Never forget or forgive. Do unto others as they would to you. But keep the moral scorecard clean by not striking the first blow.
Bips and Katrina play their roles effortlessly - bitches to the hilt. Though Bips manages to evoke some sympathy for her ordeals in life Katrina is just power hungry.
Anil is wasted as the fruit eating Police inspector who takes bribes through a charity foundation rather than directly - at least he keeps the public perceptions clean. Ms.Reddy is completely wasted as the BLONDE assistant... at least they should have dyed her hair... it’d have been more effective. Maybe they could have switched roles for Katrina and her. I think that would have been a better casting.
Akshay is the perennial loser.. never really getting ahead in the RACE!!

The key to winning is to focus on WINNING rather than making the other guy lose. You might disagree - but it’s the attitude on trial here.
Maybe we all know that good triumphs in the end, as in most films.... but one has to watch this till the end to realize that.

Definitely worth a watch!

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