Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...
Incomes rise - so do demands and accompanying expenses. I tried to disprove this truism of life. But the reality is that the fertile mind looks for ways to spend - to aspire ... That sometimes is quite disconcerting.
Then there comes a time when you wonder... What next?
Eyes scan the market and the web for some more ways to blow a hole in the pocket. Its like a total mind trip- and getting my hands on something NEW is the drug.
Luckily - I save enough to justify these holes!!

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Economists Income Law:
Income is a product of the existing needs to be fulfilled and the ability to earn + a few luxuries to indulge in = More budget than actually required

In Simple words - Income rises to meet Expenses (and above)

Man's Income Law:
Expenses rise to meet income

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