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How Akbar got his name

Watch Jodha Akbar(JA) and find out. Its a nice film- worth a watch as a one time see. But you have to be a patient viewer as the duration is close to 4 hours.

Luckily I had a secondary film going on in the seats next to us. Now that was also a love story and without the incongruous twists and turns too.

The spectacle created by Ashutosh G is BIG. There is a certain feel to the whole period dram that comes across as original. The acting is par for the course - though Mr.Roshan does ham a bit. Ash is nice as the Rajasthani princess and seems a lot fuller.

The music is warm and the camera work is good. Interestingly though, the sword clanging does get a lil painful on the ear drums. The action scenes are well executed keeping the theme in mind. Certain camera angles and shots especially in the battle scene as the armies clash are remembered after the movie too.

This may not be a LAGAAN in terms of Box office collections or an oscar nomination - but the director hasn't lost his touch.

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