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The creative mind wanders. So many ideas. The mind needs to expand to comprehend and categorize. I don;t have the faintest idea what the scientists have t say about all this. What i do understand is that there are a whole lot of themes that come to mind in the course of the day. I wish i could speak aloud on each of them. It’s like having do many threads to hold on to. Each thread is a roll of yarn in its own special way. But I can’t hold on to those ideas.. those mesmerizing images of the end of each rainbow.
No pot of gold awaits me there. But I’m not inspired by gold.

I’ve always had a latent desire to be a good photographer. So I’ve started studying the subject. Much of what i know has not come from books. It’s something that is in the blood - a sense of appreciation of aesthetics and pictorial value. There is a thought to each composition. It’s understandable that what is obvious to me may need some serious convincing on the other side of the fence. I’m willing to try and work on that piece of communication.

Communication has been a strongpoint in my life. I’ve inherited it from my dad. He can be the life of the party and break the ice in an instant with most strangers. I’m good - but not as good as him - yet. But it’s not something I make a very conscious effort at. When the frequency clicks - it clicks. When it doesn’t - I adapt and click.

So I look at communicating ideas. I admit I’m not the best chess player around - but in matters of ideation and communication - I manage to hold my ground and convey some.

I start at home - with my wife, the parents & then to work. It’s interesting to note that I get these vibrations when I know I will gel with someone or clash. In most cases I work towards avoiding that clash and seek a middle ground for both parties.
But now, after 3 decades of experience in life - there are a few folks with whom i can brook no patience. Some are not in my circle of interest/ influence - notably the politicians who run this country, Brittney Spears etc. There are also a few folks within this circle who are now approaching the edge. The creative mind is seeking solutions to these circumstantial aberrations who are malfunctions of procreation and/or traumatic growth processes inflicted by family & society.

Ideas anyone??

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