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My life just flashed in front of me. It’s a sign. Nobody need tell me that because I’ve known it for sometime now. Its just that i’d hate to leave tasks unfinished. I’ve lived the good life for what it’s worth and have no complaints - just a few regrets that maybe i’d do a few things differently. Maybe the route would have been different. The destination however, is something that I am happy with.

Every moment from hereon is a gift. So i shall treat it as such.

We are traveling to work and my wife is beside me. Her eyes are closed as she catches a quick nap before her time in court. She cannot see me as I am. I closed my eyes and that’s when it began.

Moments from school at Campion, incongruous memories from college & a few happy scenes from my MBA. It was like watching a movie and myself evolving - all in 3rd person. Those moments - when my first crush requested me to wear a tuxedo as we attended a wedding in Bangalore. The taunts of my classmates for those 6 years in school which drove me nuts. I spent the next 10 years building on my persona - refusing to be cowed down by anyone or anything.

I still remember receiving the General proficiency award and all the other awards in class 3 as i swept away all honors. Then the pain of being alone as a year was spent in Rajkumar college, Rajkot - an exclusive boarding school - but without the comfort of having mom around at mealtimes. The health took a beating then and since dad was also bedridden with a slip disc - nobody came to see me. So i was all alone in the Medical ward and wondered why no one came.

Then the time that I had this seemingly bright idea that i’d put in Valentines cards for all the cute girls in the building. Hopefully one would think of me at least. I put in the unknown admirer cards - but no one called me / thought it was me - because I’d always been perceived as a bookworm.

There was the scene from my 21st birthday as Dad made me take that first puff on a Cuban cigar. I had but a few friends with me then. There was Vishal, Kapil and Shabbar. Most of the folks were friends of Tina from college. We’ve always had joint birthdays, since the gap was but a few hours. I miss her being around.

I never imagined that I’d get this far so quick.

It’s been an eventful life filled with ups and downs, more ups than downs i must confess. But i’d ike to do more and make a difference. It’s cliched - that statement - about making a difference, But I know and i firmly believe that it isn’t a difficult thing to do. Happiness is not fleeting - grief is. The tears were wiped away before she could see them and as soon as I get to work - i will do what i always do.

SMS her the word of the day - reached!

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