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In Dubai -I was extremely happy for a few brief moments today. My brother asked me why - but i didn’t answer him. I rushed off to the cafe to grab us a couple of cokes. I came back to him - sitting ashen faced-asking the one question - who had expired? Somewhere inside of me I knew the answer. I hoped I was wrong.
Then my grandfather was no more.

Bilash Chand Mahajan (1919-2008)
A life well lived - always on his terms - no compromise on anything less than the best.

I will remember dadaji fondly for the stories he told us, for his independent spirit, for his understanding that sometimes allowed us to transcend the generation gaps. He had the gift of Pendulum dowsing and he always used it to help others. Hie medicines were the sweetest and we always pretended that something was wrong - to get him to open his magic box and give us some pills. His magic box - nicely wrapped up in a big handkerchief would contain all sorts of homeopathic medicines - which he’d take out in small doses and sometimes feed us directly from the cap or wrap in small paper vials for later consumption.

Both of them were highly independent staying in their village home for the last 32 odd years after his retirement from the Army. They'd venture out only in the months of Dec-Feb.
Dada and Badi maa (grandmom) would come down to Mumbai each year in December and spend time with us. I’d always sleep in their room because then I could hear the stories for a longer time. He had a special mantra for chasing away ghosts - bhoot re bhoot tere sirr pe oonth. I loved the way he could extend his stories depending on our interest level and the time of the night.

He wanted to see his grandchildren married- the last one was solemnized just over a month ago. It's just a weird coincidence that Jatin and I are out of the country and everybody else was by his side!

Dada - We'll miss you!

U didnt pick up the phn...anywaz.. just happened to read ur blog...sorry for dadaji...hope everyones fine at home now.

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