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Welcome 08

The pen has been silent for a long time now. It's not like i didn't have anything to write or convey.
The paucity of time coupled with the lack of willpower to sit down and make the effort to consolidate thoughts led to this hiatus from the blogging screen.
Well it's time to make amends and start 2008!

For starters - welcome to 2008!!

The new year promises some fresh starts!
There's Tina & Gautam starting their married life - wishing them the very best of luck!
Then there's me - planning to be a better person this year - less crap, more results!

Here are some things I hope will happen this year:-
- We start saving up for a new house this year - lets see if we can get it in the next 2 years or so
- We hope to be in LA for the new years 2009 - so mebbe Sups can get her passport done before that.
- We can spend more time with the family - whether its n Gurgaon or Kolkata - in a meaningful manner.
- Less of arguments and more on results for me and everyone else around me.
- Sups and me could lose a few inches around the waist by maintaining a more strict regime on that treadmill of ours!
- India will win the one day series down under and teach the AUSSIE MONKEYS a thing or two.

OK - the last one was more wishful than anything else - but then again I hope it happens!!

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