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Learnings from the year gone by!!

Every year throws up its own set of issues and solutions.
2007 wasn't any different.
It's just that the issues this year had more of a global impact!
  • Arjun is not to argue with women - he stood some semblance of a chance in the past - now that he's married & that too to a lady whose profession is arguing - he stands no chance!
  • All thoughts of purchasing goodies for oneself are to be taken in perspective - multiply the cost of the item bought for self by a factor of 2 to 3 (depends on mood of lady) and provision the said amount for her purchases. - this ain't true - but you get the general idea!
  • There is MOM & there is MA - both will shower you with love - but one must tread carefully cos this is a slippery path - where they all have tender nerves.
  • Half gharwalis are the only ones with unconditional love
  • The X Box 360 is a good gaming console - but one must console oneself to enjoying its delights on a very limited basis after the matrmonial bond is entered into.
  • Even if you do things the same way as you used to before marriage - comments to the effect that you have changed are to be expected.
  • When your sister gets married - the bridegroom can call you SAALA - and you must feel nice about it.
  • The urge to party every weekend dies out.... after a while!
  • Romantic movies are for cosy viewing - action thrillers are when you take a day off from work and go watch them alone!
  • The garbage must be taken out by 7:30AM in the morning!
  • The INTERESTING DVD/VCD collection is no longer accessible.
  • One must become adept at living the life of a SERF - everyone is BOSS except you!
  • Office is fun!!
Everything i said above is a load of cr**. I'm sure you don't believe me - neither do I.

Not only does the trash have to be taken out but by 7:30 AM, but also the bartans washed and khaana made [:p]

"Half gharwalis are the only ones with unconditional love"

Flattering! I'm impressed!

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