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A life a wasting

Thursday, December 27, 2007
It's just not worth it!

I try to love my life on the level. They just don't seem to get it.... Maybe it's just not worth all the effort. (Hey don't need the pain - - don't need the pain. Let me just end it all here....
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Another long wait

Sunday, December 23, 2007
This time its outside the mall. A bomb threat here has left everyone in the lurch - at lunchtime!!!

I'm famished- but forced to wait it out. This is the situation at all the malls in Gurgaon today. The sniffer dogs have just gone in to do what they do best - sniff!!

Meanwhile - we wait.....

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The long wait

Saturday, December 22, 2007
I'm at the airport waiting for Tina to come out after clearing customs. I look around and gaze through groggy eyes at a myriad collection from the gene pool.
Its half past two in the morning at the IGI airport in delhi and my sister is coming in from Hong Kong for her marriage next week.
Most os the samples on display are "holiday returneds" or tourists. Not much of the business traveler on display here. Most wear a google type expression as eyes scan the welcoming crowd for a familiar face or a placard with their name on it.
The eyes light up as a match is made. Sighs are heaved as well - I'm quite sure of it.

My wait continues.....
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The inconsistency of being...

Saturday, December 15, 2007
We strive for the opposite. Always desiring consistency and predictability from people. Yet - we are mostly inconsistent.

We are the best contradiction to our consistent sense of being.
Maybe it aint all that bad a thing - esp if you like surprises. I do.

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The brother of the bride

Friday, December 07, 2007
It's a scenario that I've hoped would come sooner than most. But – now that it's upon me – I'm scared.
Scared that things will change. Suddenly someone else is more important than her brother. We have a 3 year age gap – but it hasn't felt like that – unless I was paying the bill at dinner – esp not when I was seeking advice

My third birthday present – how fast time flies!!
It's like being an advertisement for a TITAN watch as the lady bids adieu – turning around at that last moment with a tear that rolls down the cheek – as if unsure of what to do.

My party pal is getting married. She's marrying a friend – but that doesn't alleviate things. She'll be going away for real now.

I recollect the days as she talked dime to a dozen to the time when she will walk the demure bride.
Times change – people grow up.
But this young lady will always glow with an innocence and inner beauty– nothing ephemeral there…

That's Tina, the bride to be…!!
My sister...!!
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