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The wedding season

Its that time of the year when the glitzy sarees and suits come out. It's time to count the wedding invitations and then double the number whilst announcing it to uninterested onlookers.
Yes - the wedding season for 2007 is here.
All hotels and honeymoons cost a bomb. Traffic jams abound on all routes - in and out.
Luckily ours was an off-season wedding. :-)

The baraat is never on time. At least not without a tolerance of a couple of hours. You tend to eat snacks like a hog that there's lil space for actual dinner. And if you are deigned to attend multiple occasions - the tummy is in a whole load of crap. The bride must cry - ok sometimes that is genuine too. There is the song'n'dance and the horsing around - I'd danced at mine. They hurried me in saying that the shubh mahurat was about to pass and then I'd have to wait...

I love weddings.... Its just not fair that some can be free whilst a majority are maritally bound.
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I like weddings too.


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