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The duel endeth!

Yes – it has ended;
At least in my view of things. Om Shanti Om has thrammed Saawariya back down a few notches.

It wasn’t a fair fight. But then again – which fight is really ever fair?

Today I saw 2 films – one which attempts to dream (Without going anywhere) and the other which makes a man dream. We caught Saawariya in the morning and Om Shanti Om in the evening!
The difference is stark!
Om Shanti Om has impressed – tremendously. It’s amazing to watch a dream that’s translated to the celluloid without the glaring flaws present in directionless dreams.

Here’s the stuff I liked about Om Shanti Om.
  • Professionally made slick piece of cinema
  • Amazing music – all songs apart – the theme music stays on much after the exit from the hall.
  • The walk down the red carpet – as Deepika turns around and looks you in the eye – melting guaranteed!!
  • Arjun Rampal – he’s a perfect fit.
  • Shahrukh ‘king’ Khan – the title is valid
  • Deepika – makes a man think of what he’d do if he were single. I’d like to write more, but Sups is gonna be reading this…!!!
  • Even the clichés sound interesting.
  • Akshay Kumar as he shoots from between the legs – Return to Khiladi!
  • Farah Khan – for daring to dream and bringing it to life.
  • The end credits – everyone gets their due!
  • Makes you dream

Here’s the stuff I didn’t like about Saawariya

  • Everything is blue
  • The kids are fresh and nice, but the story aint.
  • It’s always night
  • Average music score except for a song or two
  • Sloooooooooooooooooooooowwww & Draggy!!!
  • There’s no direction… predictable and it takes its own sweet time in getting there.
  • Not all short stories are meant for the silver screen – this should have stayed in print!!!
  • In literature as in love we are astonished by what is chosen by others.

I’ve heard the theme music from OSO several times after returning home. My wife has started thinking of this as an obsession!
The duel endeth…. We all know who’s lying on the mats!

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