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There were some pretty strong tremors in the morning at 0430 hrs. We were up and running in a flash... Right out of the door... Into the biting cold of a Delhi winter.

There was a fleeting moment of panic before the adrenaline kicked in. Ironically - on the way down - i collected my IPOD rather than my wallet :-)

We lOoked around. Nobody else was out. Just an odd person returning from the graveyard shift at the call centre. The electricity generator was running cos the power had been cut - but that's about it. So we were left wondering if we were shaking in our sleep. I checked all the news and geological websites for an hour thereafter - no luck there asd well.

It's only now - that I got confirmation that yes indeed we were right. There'd been a good shake up but not a wake up.
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The wedding season

Its that time of the year when the glitzy sarees and suits come out. It's time to count the wedding invitations and then double the number whilst announcing it to uninterested onlookers.
Yes - the wedding season for 2007 is here.
All hotels and honeymoons cost a bomb. Traffic jams abound on all routes - in and out.
Luckily ours was an off-season wedding. :-)

The baraat is never on time. At least not without a tolerance of a couple of hours. You tend to eat snacks like a hog that there's lil space for actual dinner. And if you are deigned to attend multiple occasions - the tummy is in a whole load of crap. The bride must cry - ok sometimes that is genuine too. There is the song'n'dance and the horsing around - I'd danced at mine. They hurried me in saying that the shubh mahurat was about to pass and then I'd have to wait...

I love weddings.... Its just not fair that some can be free whilst a majority are maritally bound.
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I like the possibility of being able to dream and let it go in a direction that I have not conceived of. It opens up avenues that were not there. Today I’m writing in the present tense. It means I’m not paying much attention to the sentence before this one. It also means I don’t know what will come next.

Somehow I feel like a teenager. The face will not reflect the age – the feeling in my mind and heart certainly does. The reasons for this feeling of mirth remain elusive. However, the mirth is there. I want to fly..high…. but not away! The sense of being stable on the ground but yet doing great things comes to mind at this point in time. It’s like my time is coming… or has it come?

Even a sense of loss brings with it a feeling of having found something. This is going to turn into an interesting story. I feel the pull of the stars. Somehow things around me give a positive vibe like I’m on the red carpet of success. There are bows to be taken, speeches to be delivered, smiles to be exchan…

The duel endeth!

Yes – it has ended;
At least in my view of things. Om Shanti Om has thrammed Saawariya back down a few notches.

It wasn’t a fair fight. But then again – which fight is really ever fair?

Today I saw 2 films – one which attempts to dream (Without going anywhere) and the other which makes a man dream. We caught Saawariya in the morning and Om Shanti Om in the evening!
The difference is stark!
Om Shanti Om has impressed – tremendously. It’s amazing to watch a dream that’s translated to the celluloid without the glaring flaws present in directionless dreams.

Here’s the stuff I liked about Om Shanti Om.
Professionally made slick piece of cinemaAmazing music – all songs apart – the theme music stays on much after the exit from the hall.The walk down the red carpet – as Deepika turns around and looks you in the eye – melting guaranteed!! Arjun Rampal – he’s a perfect fit.Shahrukh ‘king’ Khan – the title is validDeepika – makes a man think of what he’d do if he were single. I’d like to write more, b…


The entire family is out watching Saawariya. I'm there too.
Just saw Sups and Dad lose their temper on the corn seller. He was rude to them. I'd be angry too.
The manager came and placated.

Went out to the snack bar in the interval. Happened to catch a glimpse of the man. He has a small face. Runs a small corn stall. I felt pain. Why did we have to react to his words and start his day on the wrong foot.

Sometimes we all react impulsively. I do too.
I feel sad...

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