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Hunger Strike!!

Why do we fast????
I mean - what is the need to go hungry?
praying for anothers health and wealth by keeping a fast seems like a killjoy idea to me (personally).

yet we go thru karwa chauth!!

The preparations for Karva Chauth start the day before the festival. Newly wedded brides get beautifully wrapped baskets with the sargai (the food to be eaten before sunrise) from their mothers-in-law. The fasting women of the neighbourhood get together before sunrise to eat the sargai that mainly consists of thirst quenching foods like fruits, along with a main course of potatoes eaten with hot puris (a deep-fried Indian bread). Traditionally the newly wed woman spent the day before the fast in her mother’s house and came to her mother-in-law’s house only on the day of Karva Chauth. (yes - i know - I'm blogging from mas place)

The day of Karva Chauth is an out-and-out holiday for women when they fuss over themselves endlessly. They wear bright and beautiful clothes, don’t scrimmage on their jewel…

Touch me

It says this to me constantly.
So I touch it.... Gently!!!

It's my new ipod touch
This is awesome!!

All thanks to Supriya for allowing me to buy it ;-)

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Half Yearly Review

Time for a lil cheer and some pats on the back.
The first 6 months of married life have been navigated.
So we celebrated with a bottle of red wine.
I did receive some sms messages in the morning... but the wine was by far the best gift.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and it wasn't easy letting the day go by.
I believe there are lot more "GOOD DAYS" in the offing!!