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What a Match!!

I sat at the edge of my seat – literally – for the entire match.
Never knew which way it’d turn.

It was like a fast paced googly – moving in one way-then another, keeping the viewers engrossed. At 36/4 – it was easy to write of India. Then at 128… you’d think they would make 160. It ended at 141.
Interesting to note that everyone tried to play like a tiger. Then again- we were up against the Pakis!!

The Paki innings started a nd I guess most Indians were hoing like hell that the match didn’t finish in 14.4 overs. We wer out if it did.

A Pakistani win was not in doubt till the 15th over. Then the lights shone – briefly – for India till the 17th over. They required 42 runs off 18 balls. It’d be easy to say SAYONARA.

Then Misbah whacked the crap out of Bhajji & Agy. Suddenly – they required 11 runs off the last 6 balls. The match was tied on the 4th ball and the ending – now, but a formality. Ball 5 – he’s beaten – but eh doesn’t run. Whew!!
Final Ball – highe than normal delivey from Sreesanth, angling outside the off stump and Misbah gets bat to it. Takes off like a rocket. Yuvraj had other plans – he got the ball across and Sreesanth – calmly wjipped the bails off.

India were back in the match!!!

The bowl – out was almost funny!!
Telling a pace bowler to aim at the stumps from a short run-up is not fair. The pakis missed all 3 penalty shots. The Indians – used the guys who could bowl from a short run-up and hit the stumps!

Final result 3-0

Victory India!!

PS: the actual reason we saw all those see-saws in the match – it started on a Friday in the month of Ramazan – we know the team that normally wins on Friday. Then the date changed – it was now a Saturday – it’s also Ganesh Chaturthi!!
I trust in Ganesha – he pulled us thru :-)

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