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Website musings


So i want to start a website
I even got the domain name registered
But i'm wondering what to do about it now....

just some random musings that i put down....
The index should cover stuff that gives a broad oveview
There should be a running ticker with some kinda updates on the side
It should point to stuff that I do - but not display it here for all to see
the opening page should have something catchy on it
it should make the viewer want more..
it should be fashioned like a blog - but not totally like a blog
stuff that should be covered as a must
- links to the blogs
- something abt me
- latest news
- latest happenings
must use flash mostly
the topic.. The focus.. Would have to be current….. Or at even if ain't current - the connection must be there to the present.
it must evoke feelings - strong feelings
it should help me help others
it may not be monetary help - but at least it can help me uide them in some way in life
we all have a core belief - I need to convey mine from this forum
the question is - do I have a core belief that I am aaware of?
at this present moment - it's more like something I want to do
it's more like a journey - that needs be undertaken
life is that same journey
but how does one get a ebsite to reflect that journey?
will it be a judgemental thing - about an individuals journey or a collaborative effort?
I see things - sometimes. These open up a channel to my thoughts. it's like a mind block that melts away
the inspriation is nearly always audio-visual in nature
so - if something I see or hear can open my alleyways - can I do it for others?
if my mind opens up to different possibilities at different points in time - so would it for others
the message will have to evolve constantly
have I seen enough in life to be giving it to others
maybe it's not about giving - it could be more about sharing
there must be countless other sites like this
with loads of individuals who have loads to share
how will I be diffferent?
is it possible to be different?
is it possible to stand apart and say - HEY - this is me. This is what I stand for. I'm not perfect - but I have seen a bit of life - so I want to share it with you. Maybe you can help me do something better. Maybe we can listen to one another and make a difference.
I will have to start small - one by one.
I want to be witty here - but sometimes it's not possible. Sometimes straight facts are more easy to convey
Will they understand me?
I won't know till I try!!!
Somehow - it's all about beating the pain - about being one with it. That oneness will help me get ahead


its cum out wunnerful n once u change my foto in will be even more wunnerful :P

Thanks for mentioning my name in your blog...*hug**hug*

you are always welcome dearie

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