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It's like the title says...

30th birthing day!

1 day to go....

3 decades of a powerful life come to a close.

Some endings, a few transients, a multitude of beginnings.

If I were to classify the last 30 years in terms of life as a whole as ONE day - I'd say the sleeping giant had just woken up from deep sleep. Time to go to work and leave a mark on the world.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to my producer and director for bringing me in and casting me as such.Thanks mom - dad.

Lotsa other team members also deserve full credit for being there, guiding me, loving me, caring and talking to me.

Lemme mention a few names here.

Tina - my sis and best pal - I miss fighting wid u - also now, as we grow older, I know we'll be apart more often than not. I don't like it.
Supriya - soulmate - remaining life is dedicated to her well being
Anila bua - my fairy godmother - always there for me
Vishal - best friend - always around
Shyamal - i still remember singing and dancing on the road - my pal
Shabbar - silent and deadly - i learned to be patient
Gautam - from friend to family - we covered the distance
Nanda ma - for bringin Sups into the world
Jatin - for putting up with me at work - now... and for a long long time in the future
Yatin - for showing me the ropes in my first job - trust me the handholding was useful
Asha - for caring!
Ranit - TRUE INSPIRATION - for guiding me towards EXCELLENCE
Rajiv - for showing me the importance of being detail oriented
Amandeep - for getting me to sing BEEDI JALAIKE in office...
Dinesh - for teaching me to put my feet up and stil lmanage well
Rita Tiwari - for showing me how a woman can be a TRUE BITCH....
Vrinda - for showing me how to grin and bear it - very high tolerance levels
Sarbani - for showing me how to power ones way thru life
Reshma - for the ideals that she stands for
Ranjit Boss - for being a human boss
Jignesh - for giving me the freedome to experiment in the market
Abhilash - for teaching me all i know about exports
Gogi - for giving me shelter when there was need
Avinash - for the masti times at work.. and the italian cusine
Neela - for listening to me
Sambhavi - for giving me the honor of being a brother!
Lalit Fufaji - for seeing something in me and believing in it.
Madhuri - for always being frank and in my face
Ranjini - for keeping me in check.. whenever I thought i was crossing the line
Buli - my half gharwali
Mayura James - for being Crush No.1
Niyati - for showing me the power of empathy
Jayant - for being carefree and showing me that work ain't everything
Parth - for being dedicated like he always is.. and rubbing it off on me
Sudeshna - for showing me that dreams are possible
Niharika - for her devil may care attitude
Preeti - for being the first one to write about me.. in my autograph book (way back in class XII)
Kapil - for putting up with my crap for 4 years in Engg college
Arul - for being the chilled out guy that he is - it was fun being around you
Mallikarjun - for the fun that we had in Mumbai....
Jolein - for the plant that she gave me - which still grows strong
Piyush - for the great company that you were during my days in LG
Johnny - for making me a better person

It's been nice knowing ya all.... Well almost all!!!

Hope to see you stick around for the next 30....!

enjoy the last day of ur 20s b4 u hit the big 3-0...we'l have a blast as we always do 'p...'

btw u forgot to thnk my dint bring me in alone into this wrld :P

i didn't forget to thank him.. it's just that some people can only be thanked in person

Wish you a wonderful birthday, and a beautiful life ahead!!! And hope to hear lots more of "Jamaican farewells" and "beedis" from you!! :-)
May god bless you and be with you always!!

Dinn know I made you a better person - I thought we broke all the rules... Phew!! Disappointing

Happy Buddday due - long way to go....and yes...stay away from


~ John

This wud suffice!

U turned 30!
Wow! Reminds me of that episode from Friends..."Better to be over the hill than under it" ;-)

Wish u a very happy budday, Arjun :-)

still got a day to go JO!!
thanks in advance!!

...ab mein kya've said everything I wud have said anyway :) I miss you lotz. We maybe in different cities but I will be celebrating your birthday!!!!!Love & hugs.

All the very best, dawg! Have a great day!

Rope for Hanging? Kool!! Thanks... BTW Arjyo got job in B'Lore he would be leaving on 15th.

hahaha - i am so glad that i just abt made it to the team of 30s to be welcoming you :-D

trust me, you will enjoy the 30s real good :-)

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