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30th birthing day!

1 day to go....

3 decades of a powerful life come to a close.

Some endings, a few transients, a multitude of beginnings.

If I were to classify the last 30 years in terms of life as a whole as ONE day - I'd say the sleeping giant had just woken up from deep sleep. Time to go to work and leave a mark on the world.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to my producer and director for bringing me in and casting me as such.Thanks mom - dad.

Lotsa other team members also deserve full credit for being there, guiding me, loving me, caring and talking to me.

Lemme mention a few names here.

Tina - my sis and best pal - I miss fighting wid u - also now, as we grow older, I know we'll be apart more often than not. I don't like it.
Supriya - soulmate - remaining life is dedicated to her well being
Anila bua - my fairy godmother - always there for me
Vishal - best friend - always around
Shyamal - i still remember singing and dancing on the road - my pal
Shabbar - silent and deadly - i learned to be patient
Gautam - from friend to family - we covered the distance
Nanda ma - for bringin Sups into the world
Jatin - for putting up with me at work - now... and for a long long time in the future
Yatin - for showing me the ropes in my first job - trust me the handholding was useful
Asha - for caring!
Ranit - TRUE INSPIRATION - for guiding me towards EXCELLENCE
Rajiv - for showing me the importance of being detail oriented
Amandeep - for getting me to sing BEEDI JALAIKE in office...
Dinesh - for teaching me to put my feet up and stil lmanage well
Rita Tiwari - for showing me how a woman can be a TRUE BITCH....
Vrinda - for showing me how to grin and bear it - very high tolerance levels
Sarbani - for showing me how to power ones way thru life
Reshma - for the ideals that she stands for
Ranjit Boss - for being a human boss
Jignesh - for giving me the freedome to experiment in the market
Abhilash - for teaching me all i know about exports
Gogi - for giving me shelter when there was need
Avinash - for the masti times at work.. and the italian cusine
Neela - for listening to me
Sambhavi - for giving me the honor of being a brother!
Lalit Fufaji - for seeing something in me and believing in it.
Madhuri - for always being frank and in my face
Ranjini - for keeping me in check.. whenever I thought i was crossing the line
Buli - my half gharwali
Mayura James - for being Crush No.1
Niyati - for showing me the power of empathy
Jayant - for being carefree and showing me that work ain't everything
Parth - for being dedicated like he always is.. and rubbing it off on me
Sudeshna - for showing me that dreams are possible
Niharika - for her devil may care attitude
Preeti - for being the first one to write about me.. in my autograph book (way back in class XII)
Kapil - for putting up with my crap for 4 years in Engg college
Arul - for being the chilled out guy that he is - it was fun being around you
Mallikarjun - for the fun that we had in Mumbai....
Jolein - for the plant that she gave me - which still grows strong
Piyush - for the great company that you were during my days in LG
Johnny - for making me a better person

It's been nice knowing ya all.... Well almost all!!!

Hope to see you stick around for the next 30....!


Sups said…
enjoy the last day of ur 20s b4 u hit the big 3-0...we'l have a blast as we always do 'p...'
Sups said…
btw u forgot to thnk my dint bring me in alone into this wrld :P
Arjun said…
i didn't forget to thank him.. it's just that some people can only be thanked in person
Amandeep said…
Wish you a wonderful birthday, and a beautiful life ahead!!! And hope to hear lots more of "Jamaican farewells" and "beedis" from you!! :-)
May god bless you and be with you always!!
whirlwind said…
Dinn know I made you a better person - I thought we broke all the rules... Phew!! Disappointing

Happy Buddday due - long way to go....and yes...stay away from


~ John
HolyTrance said…
This wud suffice!
Jo said…
U turned 30!
Wow! Reminds me of that episode from Friends..."Better to be over the hill than under it" ;-)

Wish u a very happy budday, Arjun :-)
Arjun said…
still got a day to go JO!!
thanks in advance!!
tina said…
...ab mein kya've said everything I wud have said anyway :) I miss you lotz. We maybe in different cities but I will be celebrating your birthday!!!!!Love & hugs.
Da Nashman said…
All the very best, dawg! Have a great day!
Yatin said…
Rope for Hanging? Kool!! Thanks... BTW Arjyo got job in B'Lore he would be leaving on 15th.
cliffhangerv said…
hahaha - i am so glad that i just abt made it to the team of 30s to be welcoming you :-D

trust me, you will enjoy the 30s real good :-)

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