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It's like the title says...

Time to grow up

60 years!

It's a long time. Most would say we qualify for Senior citizenship. I'd say we qualify for senility.

It's time these stupid fu***** politicians took some responsibility for taking the nation forward. Somehow most of their actions are retrograde.

All of them saw the 123 deal as it developed. We need that nuclear kniwhow. India has and will remain a sovereign nation. This deal will not impinge that status. However, playing dirty politics and blackmailing progress has become the forte of the Left parties. They're playing into the hands of the Chinks and the Pakis. In political parlance, I'd call them fifth columnists.

We're living in a world where international agreements are to be respected. We've known all along that the nuke deal was happening. Why throw a hue and cry at this juncture, when a renege means we only lose - face, prestige, the future.

Someone needs to give these pseudo communists a whack across their skinny lil heads. We've enough on our plates and then they'd want to have mid-term polls given the fact that there's no real alternative to the UPA and BJP at this point in time.

I do believe we need to re-look at the areas of amendment in the deal rather than scuttle it for petty politics. I'm glad that the PM is taking a strong stand.

And btw, I'm not someone who loves the congress party - just an Indian.

Why do you love the congress party? It's not as though they have the perfect record. Besides who says you can't renege on an international agreement (not that I support doing it).. Many countries have done that before and as you know the world has a short memory and they are soon forgiven.

Like I just said dude - I'm NOT a Congress lover...

Yes - the world has a short memory... but we're also short on meeting our energy reqirements!!

We're no.27 out of 30 in the worlds nuclear power generating countries

The Communists are only doing this for two reasons:
1) Cuz they want to hog the media attention and limelight currently.
2) Cuz when they will suddenly agree one fine day, make the nation sit back with a sigh of relief and at as they have been the big man in letting the Govt. go ahead with a deal which is beneficial to India

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