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Going to work for a large company is like getting on a train. Are you going sixty miles an hour or is the train going sixty miles an hour and you're just sitting still?
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Hurt feelings

So they have got hurt feelings now.

First they behave like nincompoops, someone brings it to their notice and they end up with hurt feelings.

Tsk.... Tsk....

That's the communists for you. C'mon Mr.Karat - I'm sure you understand that the truth can be a trifle bitter. You are not going to become the PM. You need to be a man, have some confidence and definitely need to have self respect.

Please start searching.....

Time to grow up

60 years!

It's a long time. Most would say we qualify for Senior citizenship. I'd say we qualify for senility.

It's time these stupid fu***** politicians took some responsibility for taking the nation forward. Somehow most of their actions are retrograde.

All of them saw the 123 deal as it developed. We need that nuclear kniwhow. India has and will remain a sovereign nation. This deal will not impinge that status. However, playing dirty politics and blackmailing progress has become the forte of the Left parties. They're playing into the hands of the Chinks and the Pakis. In political parlance, I'd call them fifth columnists.

We're living in a world where international agreements are to be respected. We've known all along that the nuke deal was happening. Why throw a hue and cry at this juncture, when a renege means we only lose - face, prestige, the future.

Someone needs to give these pseudo communists a whack across their skinny lil heads. We've enough on …


3Fs approach

Follow through

Like a tiger running after the prey.
Very important to plan and execute
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Happy Birthday India!
Happy independence day.

So u finally turn sixty.

Best wishes,

PS: thanks for the power cut at the stroke of midnight

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We love democracy!

Democracy gives us the right to shout, to abuse, to fight like hooligans, to display the traits more common to the homo erectus.

This is not about the common man. It's about the ones we elect to govern us. This one from the corporators on the city council of Delhi. The city elders so to say. Minor disagreements mushroomed into a battle where kicks and punches were traded like low price commodities - in high volume. Abuses were hurtled in all directions and in keeping with female equality - the fairer gender was not spared it's fair share.

So, can we (aka common folks) be different?

Maybe I've seen hindi films, one too many. But I am so tempted to use force and exterminate the whole load of them. It'd be a cathartic experience. But then again - there'd be no difference between me and them, then.

So what solution do we have?

Hmmm.... I'd say we go in for a new crop, not necessarily idealists, but folks who've been around, worked like normal folks, and experienced …

Thieves inc.

So it's independence day.
The 60th one to be precise.

All I wanna do is watch a film.
Then they go and raise the price by 50 bucks per ticket just for that day.

It sets me back by 900 bucks for 4 tickets - 3rd row from the screen.
Is this what life is coming to?
I'm inspired to go in for the pirated version already. So someone in the industry will suffer, probably lose his job too. Good for him and her.
The culprits - DT CINEMAS - the bas****s deserve to be consigned to the pit of doom. The cashier got a mouthful from me already.

C'mon - chak de India!!!

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Rain rain!!

Wherever I go,It starts raining!!!!
Not that I'm cribbing about it.
Thatways at least the temperature is controlled.

It happened in Bhopal last week and it happened in Dehradun today.
The results are almost always quite scenic.
The view from the Ashok Lake view hotel!

the Way ahead

Life doesn't last forever.
Its too short to be wasted feeling sad and forlorn.
Work, family, money, love, kids, career - it's a never ending cycle.

But there's got to be a balance.

I realized this as I looked into the side view mirror as I drove to work. The smile was gone - replaced by a grumpy something.

Here on forward I promise myself

I'm going to stay happy.

I will smile and spread cheer.

I'm gonna work with an open mind.

I will not let people and situations get me down.

This will be my way.....

You could alternately take the highway.

Blacker berry

Well I finally joined the club of Crackberries and got myself a blackberry phone.
Yes it's addictive. I can feel it already.

As John puts it: I shall be answering more spam email here on forward.

But I believe my response time will be lowered and I'll be more accessible. Of course that's an individual opinion
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