Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

Muddle Puddle

A crazy muddle of thoughts. No particular direction. It’s happening again. Well it happens every once in a while. At that point I start rambling. Not that you would gain much by reading my rambling thoughts. but it helps me keep my house in order. This, the house at the top of my head… the upper floor as most would call it.

So then what am I really thinking?
Here are some random thoughts, in no particular order (as if they ever are).
Actually these are mostly questions and some answers too!!

Why does the world need me?
Figured out that it doesn’t. But no one is talking about it. We wanna feel uppity and important. Since we don’t wanna hear about it from the others, we don’t tell ‘em about it either. Kinda like a non-compete clause in an agreement. So when we break that clause and tell someone what their worth really is – we have an argument. On a larger scale it’s called war. If you’re Hitler – they call it genocide.

What am I trying to do here?
I’m trying to earn a few bucks, eat well, sleep well, get laid , assist in procreation and end my days after doing my thing! (wrong Answer)
I’m breathing, living confused, giving crappy advice and not really amounting to much. ( getting closer to the correct answer)
Fuck – I don’t know (now that’s the jackpot)

Does it matter, how much I earn?
Yes yes yes yes yes
So it doesn’t really matter in the biblical sense – cos what I am, is governed by my thoughts and actions. The more I earn, the more I need to spend, the more I think about it, the more I am liable to spend it on material wealth, the more stuff I’m stuck with (the XBOX is an exception) , holy crap – none of that booty is comin away with me to the next life.

How do you put a value to relationships?
Relationships get quantified – I love you sooooooo much, I don’t like that fella one bit, I wouldn’t date you if you were the last man alive. All the terms put a qualitative / quantitative value to the interaction. Doesn’t matter if you love, hate, like, dislike, detest, admire the person. We always manage to do this subconsciously. I’ve been trying to get to the root of the matter. Maybe my friend John can help me here. He’s Gyaani baba – so I’m sure he’ll have stuff to say.
I love you today
I love you more tomorrow
I love you most day after tomorrow.
What after that? Maybe there’s a MOSTEST..
So why quantify it?

Yes – it’s my way or the highway. I live on an expressway. So why can’t you just listen to me for a bloody minute?
I really don’t give a roasted rat’s arse what you think about me or my thoughts.. cos’ I don’t give a shit about yours.

FYI: I give care more than a shit abt ur thoughts

yes baby - i know you do!

Trust me - it was bcos it was friday the 13th and the virus caught you...

I am sure you'll not write this post today... so till the next friday the 13th....enzoii life one moment at a time

~gyaani baba

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