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Marketing LG!

My first Post MBA job was at LG electronics. I’ve already discussed that in my first post on the receipt of the paycheck.
After completing my intial training I opted for a transfer to Pune – back to the land of fun’n’games. It felt like I was going back to college – having moved out 3 months prior.

THis was a whole lot more. My office was located on the very same road that I’d lived for the last 2 years. Getting accommodation was no problem at all. It was the culture at work that took some getting used to. This was a motely collection of folks – the support staff were all locals. The sales and marketing staff were mostly from Bihar. Funny eh!!
Now why on earth would a whole heap of Biharis be sitting and selling stuff in Maharashtra? Simple - they weren't sitting. They were an extremely capable bunch of folks - very proficient in Sales!!
At the helm was Ranjit boss. He'd collected his team from all over the state of Bihar and brought them here. He always believed that the Maharashtraians really couldn't be good salesmen.
The results vidicated his claims!!

That's him in the middle with his son - at one of our Family DOs
Then there was Jignesh sir, his deputy - who - initially always had it in for me. I threatened to complain to his wife and then brought him under control.

Jignesh poses with a DIOS at Shoppers stop

Piyush was another new joinee like me - albeit he wasn't on the company rolls. So we stuck together and learned from each other. He has a sales background and there was loadsa stuff I learned from him in my time at the Pune branch.
Piyush and Me - in the Accounts section - late one night

I was designated the Marketing Manager for the branch... the work was real grassroot... mostly. There were however occasions of grandeur - when 2 of us Stags walked into the Taj Blue Diamond - presented my VCard and walked into the Disco. That card got a lot of respect.

There was a tremendous amount of work pressure here. You could see it on the faces and their mannerisms. Theree were those who planned well and succceded. Then there were those who sat on the 28th of the month and made frantic phone calls! I'd watch them - all grown men - close to a breakdown - every single month. Yet most of them made it through. The boss had a big hand to play in their success. He was a funloving person - still is - i'm quite sure. His people skills were great and he always let me do as i saw fit. There were few occassions when we had differences of opinion - but then too - he listened me out before the VETO.
He made sure that everyone in the HO knew about my activities and promoted my work tremendously. It was fun working with him.

The best part was that we partied quite regularly.... and i was mostly in-charge of doing the arrangements and having a gala time.
Some moments below!!

Sujit, Faseem and me.
Faseem -May god rest his soul.


all those times in pune whr we lived irght next door n still never met...thnk god for tht :P

why thank god???

woawo...i feel so nice reading all ur memories of ur life till date...keep writing!

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