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The first paycheck!

2 years of grueling MBA studies ended in March 2003.
21 of us joined up at LG Electronics in June of that year. We went through a month of training at the corporate office in Greater Noida under the watchful eyes of Shailly Maheshwari and Amit Jain.

These guys really took our trip for the duration!!!
We ended up writing daily reports – by hand – no copy pasting there.
They made us run 5 rounds of the factory premises and shout slogans as we went through Super A training.
All the future managers ended scrubbing the shop floor as the workers watched on – during the 5S training. They
Then there was the Mind Innovation training where we were divided into groups of 6-8 and we had to implement innovations across the manufacturing lines. These had to be small and practical. They also had to improve the work process – either improving on production time or lowering the wastage of material.
The deadly duo ensured that every shred of ego was removed – voluntarily or forcibly.
I really enjoyed the Six sigma training – pure mathematics!!

Apart from the training – we had a guesthouse to stay in. There was no air-conditioning and we raised quite a stink on that front. It took a visit from the VP-HR to bring us to terra firma again – we got the ac, though. Ours was an interesting room – Saurabh Saxena, Saurav gupta and me. Both my roommates had twin brothers. Both the twins were named Gaurav. What a TWIN COINCIDENCE!!!

I remember the first time that we had a Pizza lunch with the MD, Mr. KR Kim. It was here that we learned that there’s nothing like a free lunch, quite literally. All individuals attending one of his famed pizza lunches was treated to mouth watering pizza. Only it wasn’t so easy to digest it.
That’s cos’ we were each expected to give a suggestion for improvement in the organization at the end of the lunch. I don’t remember what I said that day – but distinctly remember each of us looking around – hunting for ideas... rather than focus on the pizza at hand.

Finally – after the tests and lectures were completed, came 25th June. The paychecks arrived…worth every bit of the effort expended.
The rankings also came out then… but apart from deciding where we got transferred – they mattered not. Me – I went to Pune… back to the city - back to Symbi!!
The Gang
Seated (L-R) Rajeev Sharma, Shaktibodh Bhatnagar, Amit Dongre, Arjun Mahajan, Amit
Standing (L-R) Amit, Gaurav tikoo, Anjani Kumar, Hemang, Abhishek, Sameer Kar, Sunil Menon, Sujesh, Saurabh Saxena,Shekhar Suri,Avanti Deo, Aditya Kumar, Akanksha Gupta, Yangchan Dolma, Tanveer Uberoi,
On top : Saurav Gupta


Sups said…
yup the first paycheque is a biiiiiiiiiiig booost always :)

i still hve the photocopy of my first paycheque
shekhar suri said…
oh! yes it was the first time I saw my OWN MONEY...the hard earned money....well well well those were the days.
HolyTrance said…
:-)) its certainly a gr8 feeling!
Saurav said…
Wow !! that snap certainly brings back a lot of pleasant memories. We should all get together again.

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