Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The finger!

Well I’ve never been much for the ESTABLISHMENT.
I’ve always rooted for the underdog….

So it gets tough to do what I do now.
I play a role close to Management.

I’m so used to showing them the finger!
Ask John and he shall elucidate. Ask Rita and she’ll blow a gasket... whatever is left of them.
The finger(s)!!

That’s Mallik(a) and me. I always called him that!!
Yes – even in the official emails.

He’s a married man now – but I knew him when he was farm-fresh!
We worked together for a good period of his stay at Lionbridge. We stayed together for the first month that he was in Mumbai. It was nice having him around – he didn’t have any vices then. Staying with me has had a telling effect thereafter.

Your a bad influence on others....ganda bachcha [:P]

bad influence or plain flatulence in the organised evironment ?

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