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Fairly Hotter - Strike 1!!

Hi - I'm Fairly Hotter!

You've already met my alter ego & you also know I don't die at the end of Vol 7 after putting an end to the acquisition spree by Dollermart! Yes - he's a male and I'm ..... well this is the reign of women... (even as president)

I know this is getting to be a highly commercialised world and everything can be bought for a price. But that fellow - Dom Piddle who ran Dollermart - he was a royal crook if there ever was. Wanted to turn all us cornerstore folks out of our shops. All he ever believed in was the almighty "$".He's go around putting up his SIGN everywhere.

Anyways - take a look at the markets now... the "$" is down already!
Yes - you can blame me for that - my name - inspired GLOBAL WARMING.... - caused loads of floods, hurricanes, natural diasters, blah.. blah... blah....- sank the Titanic and the "$" marts and now "EU RO who" is on top!
I'm a naturally hot person! Not that I look it though. That's why I'm Fairly hotter - not - Luscious lovergirl.

Oh - obviously I couldn't do this all by my lil sweet self. So I took some help from my pals Measley, Ermine, Tiny, Leville, Shred, Gorge, Bumble bee, Tuna,(not last nor least) Generous Canape, Duping, Plonks...blah.. blah.. blah!! (It's almost like I won an Oscar award)
A few of them had to POP it - to enable this victory. So less folks to share in the spoils!
I'm GROWLING all the way to the bank.. arggh.. arggh.... arggh!!

Words of advice from a song by Harry Belafonte
Methusaleh spent all his life in tears
Lived without a woman for 900 years
One day he decided to have some fun
The poor man never lived to see 900 and one

Imagination truly run amok...

Hmmmm...Fairly Hotter..'inspired' from a 'Fairly' popular fantasy series whose author laughs her way to the bank,fooling us,eh?!?

Gosh! I'm rambling least I'm commenting!! ;-)

So when is the next part of Fairly Hotter striking back, now that, that other series whcih has been inspried by Fairly Hotter has come to an end :P

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