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Fairly Hotter - Strike 1!!

Friday, July 27, 2007
Hi - I'm Fairly Hotter!

You've already met my alter ego & you also know I don't die at the end of Vol 7 after putting an end to the acquisition spree by Dollermart! Yes - he's a male and I'm ..... well this is the reign of women... (even as president)

I know this is getting to be a highly commercialised world and everything can be bought for a price. But that fellow - Dom Piddle who ran Dollermart - he was a royal crook if there ever was. Wanted to turn all us cornerstore folks out of our shops. All he ever believed in was the almighty "$".He's go around putting up his SIGN everywhere.

Anyways - take a look at the markets now... the "$" is down already!
Yes - you can blame me for that - my name - inspired GLOBAL WARMING.... - caused loads of floods, hurricanes, natural diasters, blah.. blah... blah....- sank the Titanic and the "$" marts and now "EU RO who" is on top!
I'm a naturally hot person! Not that I look it though. That's why I'm Fairly hotter - not - Luscious lovergirl.

Oh - obviously I couldn't do this all by my lil sweet self. So I took some help from my pals Measley, Ermine, Tiny, Leville, Shred, Gorge, Bumble bee, Tuna,(not last nor least) Generous Canape, Duping, Plonks...blah.. blah.. blah!! (It's almost like I won an Oscar award)
A few of them had to POP it - to enable this victory. So less folks to share in the spoils!
I'm GROWLING all the way to the bank.. arggh.. arggh.... arggh!!

Words of advice from a song by Harry Belafonte
Methusaleh spent all his life in tears
Lived without a woman for 900 years
One day he decided to have some fun
The poor man never lived to see 900 and one
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Muddle Puddle

Saturday, July 14, 2007
A crazy muddle of thoughts. No particular direction. It’s happening again. Well it happens every once in a while. At that point I start rambling. Not that you would gain much by reading my rambling thoughts. but it helps me keep my house in order. This, the house at the top of my head… the upper floor as most would call it.

So then what am I really thinking?
Here are some random thoughts, in no particular order (as if they ever are).
Actually these are mostly questions and some answers too!!

Why does the world need me?
Figured out that it doesn’t. But no one is talking about it. We wanna feel uppity and important. Since we don’t wanna hear about it from the others, we don’t tell ‘em about it either. Kinda like a non-compete clause in an agreement. So when we break that clause and tell someone what their worth really is – we have an argument. On a larger scale it’s called war. If you’re Hitler – they call it genocide.

What am I trying to do here?
I’m trying to earn a few bucks, eat well, sleep well, get laid , assist in procreation and end my days after doing my thing! (wrong Answer)
I’m breathing, living confused, giving crappy advice and not really amounting to much. ( getting closer to the correct answer)
Fuck – I don’t know (now that’s the jackpot)

Does it matter, how much I earn?
Yes yes yes yes yes
So it doesn’t really matter in the biblical sense – cos what I am, is governed by my thoughts and actions. The more I earn, the more I need to spend, the more I think about it, the more I am liable to spend it on material wealth, the more stuff I’m stuck with (the XBOX is an exception) , holy crap – none of that booty is comin away with me to the next life.

How do you put a value to relationships?
Relationships get quantified – I love you sooooooo much, I don’t like that fella one bit, I wouldn’t date you if you were the last man alive. All the terms put a qualitative / quantitative value to the interaction. Doesn’t matter if you love, hate, like, dislike, detest, admire the person. We always manage to do this subconsciously. I’ve been trying to get to the root of the matter. Maybe my friend John can help me here. He’s Gyaani baba – so I’m sure he’ll have stuff to say.
I love you today
I love you more tomorrow
I love you most day after tomorrow.
What after that? Maybe there’s a MOSTEST..
So why quantify it?

Yes – it’s my way or the highway. I live on an expressway. So why can’t you just listen to me for a bloody minute?
I really don’t give a roasted rat’s arse what you think about me or my thoughts.. cos’ I don’t give a shit about yours.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

So I'd just watched Ghulam... starring Aamir Khan....
He was a stud.... (maybe he still is)....
I went around and pciked up the same set of rings that he wore.... got my goggleeessss on and posed for a pic.....

Anyways all I was interested in back then .. was trying the "AATI KYA KHANDAALA" song routine with all available females!!

Ok - so it's juvenile....

Didn't think so then.....!!
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Marketing LG!

Thursday, July 05, 2007
My first Post MBA job was at LG electronics. I’ve already discussed that in my first post on the receipt of the paycheck.
After completing my intial training I opted for a transfer to Pune – back to the land of fun’n’games. It felt like I was going back to college – having moved out 3 months prior.

THis was a whole lot more. My office was located on the very same road that I’d lived for the last 2 years. Getting accommodation was no problem at all. It was the culture at work that took some getting used to. This was a motely collection of folks – the support staff were all locals. The sales and marketing staff were mostly from Bihar. Funny eh!!
Now why on earth would a whole heap of Biharis be sitting and selling stuff in Maharashtra? Simple - they weren't sitting. They were an extremely capable bunch of folks - very proficient in Sales!!
At the helm was Ranjit boss. He'd collected his team from all over the state of Bihar and brought them here. He always believed that the Maharashtraians really couldn't be good salesmen.
The results vidicated his claims!!

That's him in the middle with his son - at one of our Family DOs
Then there was Jignesh sir, his deputy - who - initially always had it in for me. I threatened to complain to his wife and then brought him under control.

Jignesh poses with a DIOS at Shoppers stop

Piyush was another new joinee like me - albeit he wasn't on the company rolls. So we stuck together and learned from each other. He has a sales background and there was loadsa stuff I learned from him in my time at the Pune branch.
Piyush and Me - in the Accounts section - late one night

I was designated the Marketing Manager for the branch... the work was real grassroot... mostly. There were however occasions of grandeur - when 2 of us Stags walked into the Taj Blue Diamond - presented my VCard and walked into the Disco. That card got a lot of respect.

There was a tremendous amount of work pressure here. You could see it on the faces and their mannerisms. Theree were those who planned well and succceded. Then there were those who sat on the 28th of the month and made frantic phone calls! I'd watch them - all grown men - close to a breakdown - every single month. Yet most of them made it through. The boss had a big hand to play in their success. He was a funloving person - still is - i'm quite sure. His people skills were great and he always let me do as i saw fit. There were few occassions when we had differences of opinion - but then too - he listened me out before the VETO.
He made sure that everyone in the HO knew about my activities and promoted my work tremendously. It was fun working with him.

The best part was that we partied quite regularly.... and i was mostly in-charge of doing the arrangements and having a gala time.
Some moments below!!

Sujit, Faseem and me.
Faseem -May god rest his soul.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Nostalgia describes a longing for the past, often idealized!

It's like I heard a friend say the other day - "You know, a long time ago, being crazy meant something. Nowadays, everybody's crazy."

This was originally diagnosed as a disease, suffered mostly by armed forces personnel. Cases of nostalgia, which sometimes occurred as epidemics, were less frequent when the armies were victorious and more frequent when they suffered reverses.

My sister asked me on ORKUT - WHY the NOSTALGIA?
In my case - there's no desire to return for the past. I'm very happy with the present... and it just keeps getting better!!

But I'd like to keep a few memories alive... a few of them because they make me happy, bring forth a smile, remind me my errors, should not be forgotten.
That's why I write about the past...... with an eye on the future and my soul in the present.
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The first paycheck!

Monday, July 02, 2007
2 years of grueling MBA studies ended in March 2003.
21 of us joined up at LG Electronics in June of that year. We went through a month of training at the corporate office in Greater Noida under the watchful eyes of Shailly Maheshwari and Amit Jain.

These guys really took our trip for the duration!!!
We ended up writing daily reports – by hand – no copy pasting there.
They made us run 5 rounds of the factory premises and shout slogans as we went through Super A training.
All the future managers ended scrubbing the shop floor as the workers watched on – during the 5S training. They
Then there was the Mind Innovation training where we were divided into groups of 6-8 and we had to implement innovations across the manufacturing lines. These had to be small and practical. They also had to improve the work process – either improving on production time or lowering the wastage of material.
The deadly duo ensured that every shred of ego was removed – voluntarily or forcibly.
I really enjoyed the Six sigma training – pure mathematics!!

Apart from the training – we had a guesthouse to stay in. There was no air-conditioning and we raised quite a stink on that front. It took a visit from the VP-HR to bring us to terra firma again – we got the ac, though. Ours was an interesting room – Saurabh Saxena, Saurav gupta and me. Both my roommates had twin brothers. Both the twins were named Gaurav. What a TWIN COINCIDENCE!!!

I remember the first time that we had a Pizza lunch with the MD, Mr. KR Kim. It was here that we learned that there’s nothing like a free lunch, quite literally. All individuals attending one of his famed pizza lunches was treated to mouth watering pizza. Only it wasn’t so easy to digest it.
That’s cos’ we were each expected to give a suggestion for improvement in the organization at the end of the lunch. I don’t remember what I said that day – but distinctly remember each of us looking around – hunting for ideas... rather than focus on the pizza at hand.

Finally – after the tests and lectures were completed, came 25th June. The paychecks arrived…worth every bit of the effort expended.
The rankings also came out then… but apart from deciding where we got transferred – they mattered not. Me – I went to Pune… back to the city - back to Symbi!!
The Gang
Seated (L-R) Rajeev Sharma, Shaktibodh Bhatnagar, Amit Dongre, Arjun Mahajan, Amit
Standing (L-R) Amit, Gaurav tikoo, Anjani Kumar, Hemang, Abhishek, Sameer Kar, Sunil Menon, Sujesh, Saurabh Saxena,Shekhar Suri,Avanti Deo, Aditya Kumar, Akanksha Gupta, Yangchan Dolma, Tanveer Uberoi,
On top : Saurav Gupta
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The finger!

Monday, July 02, 2007
Well I’ve never been much for the ESTABLISHMENT.
I’ve always rooted for the underdog….

So it gets tough to do what I do now.
I play a role close to Management.

I’m so used to showing them the finger!
Ask John and he shall elucidate. Ask Rita and she’ll blow a gasket... whatever is left of them.
The finger(s)!!

That’s Mallik(a) and me. I always called him that!!
Yes – even in the official emails.

He’s a married man now – but I knew him when he was farm-fresh!
We worked together for a good period of his stay at Lionbridge. We stayed together for the first month that he was in Mumbai. It was nice having him around – he didn’t have any vices then. Staying with me has had a telling effect thereafter.
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