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It's like the title says...

Reminiscing - The Start!

Inspired by my wife.... who has reduced all the strife
and brought peace to my life!

So where does all the memory regurgitation start?
I could go back to school days in Campion or to those teenage years at DPS RK Puram.
Mebbe I could do a bit on the years in college at Kopargaon or the MBA years.
dang i don't even know where to start the story. Dunno if everyone would be interested in seeing the story either.

But i'd like to give it a shot.

The disclaimer at the beginning - I have no regrets. I did what I did at those pints of time with whatever I could do to whomever I could. The scenes you will see through this epic tale are reflective of the turbulent times that ensued. The events portrayed have definitely done their bit in shaping the MODERN ME. But I'm not what i used to be then!

Onward Ho!!

Will look fwd to this epic

Me 2...cant wait to read thru!

So, the skeleton's are all ready to be out of the closet, eh ??
Let's see how much they rattle...

....would be intersting...and ofcourse you get my 2 cents when you arrive to mumbai

yes - i'm looking forward to this story too.....
will make a change from the boring man!!

i am as usual mad at u since u have heightened my curiosity but havent posted the epic as yet.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You remind me of that old magician in Shrek 3.

Promise to begin the story with "Once upon a time..."

hey..looking fwd to the story........ but where are they?

yeh dil maange more...

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