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It’s a beautiful Sunday.
The clouds are out – the sun is in – the heat is out – the “COOL’ is in.
So then don’t watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom!!!

The music is good – the choreography is great (esp. in the last song).

Abhishek looks hunky, Bobby tries to look funky.

Preity is her usual zestful self – Lara is FATTTTT!!
Ok – so she looks lusty when she’s fat!

I wonder how the multiplexes get away with charging 175 per ticket for a film like this – this is definitely not anybody’s TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD!

Wait for the VCDs to come out – look out for a day you’re feeling down – as down as you can get.. then head to Planet M and pick up the VCD ( Don’t waste money on a DVD).

Then you’ll know – you’re not totally down as yet!!

Anyways – I had a good time admiring my beautiful wife throughout the film….

Was it that BAD?

Thank God..I didn't watch it.

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