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Building blocks

I played with LEGO blocks when I was younger. Most kids did. They taught us one vital thing – it’s the small blocks that add up to build the bigger picture. Every little block has it’s own importance and function in the scheme of things. In a manner of speaking – those blocks helped us simulate the bigger things that were on their way.

I haven’t forgotten my lessons.

The other day – I was watching TV– in one of my “don’t wanna do anything” kinda moods. I happened to catch a film on one of the channels titled – cheaper by the dozen. I presumed it was a comedy – since it starred Steve Martin. I was right but only partly so. The other half of the film carried a message. None of us are perfect – there is nothing like a perfect parent – there is nothing like a perfect relationship. It is not possible to reduce a relationship to an empirical formula.

I doubt iF Michaelangelo was satisfied with his job on the Sistine Chapel. As an artist – he knew he could do better. So also with relationships – don’t start taking it easy because today was a sunny day. The weather can change – and abruptly so! Never take things for granted.

I realized we need to build on the smaller priceless moments – the emotions – strengthen that castle of Love – fortify it against doubt, misunderstanding, boredom, banality and a host of other terms one may easily locate in an edition of COSMO!

We can’t predict the future or live it in advance. The past is gone – maybe we learned something from it. The present is all that we have to live in. So make the most of it.

so is tht y u cut the veggies after refusin to do so :P

i cut the veggies... JLT.... just felt like doing it... no particular reason.

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