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Boredom @ Newstime

Have you seen the news lately?
Have you tried to read the entertainment column of any newspaper?

It’s an oft written about topic – so I won’t beat around the bush.
My point referred to the TOP NEWS in HT CITY today – covering Salman Khan, Katrina and his MAID! Yes – the cleaning woman!!

Nope – there’s no love triangle here.

Apparently the MAID feels Katrina doesn’t treat her well enough – so Katrina doesn’t vote for Mayawati! This apparent downtrodding is serious journalism – hence it made the top story on the rear page of the paper.

My take on it – they needed to do a small piece on Sallu & Katsy. They weren’t willing to comment – he’s not been doing too many bad things off late – films aren’t happening either – so ask the maid and get her take on it!

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