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Memories of Midnight

I had two choices – two forks on the road. Either do a chronological flashback which is simple and effective or we can do in spurts and jumps. The latter approach is more unpredictable, flexible and anyways who wants a life story to be told like a Standard Operating procedure. Life ought to be open and free – even as a story.

September 1995
That’s the year I became eligible to vote although I haven’t used that eligibility in the 12 years thereafter. Anyways – this was the time when I was in Engineering college in Kopargaon – in my first year!
So we’d been getting ragged for more than 3 months now. It was time to break out. We were sore at having to wear stupidly formal clothes all day long. Freshers from Delhi especially were ragged by one and all – it’s the national capital yaar.
We weren’t permitted to converse with the female of the species, of which there was a drought in any case.
So the 18th birth anniversary was planned with care. The guys piled into our room A1-307 at 5 minutes sh…

Reminiscing - The Start!

Inspired by my wife.... who has reduced all the strife
and brought peace to my life!

So where does all the memory regurgitation start?
I could go back to school days in Campion or to those teenage years at DPS RK Puram.
Mebbe I could do a bit on the years in college at Kopargaon or the MBA years.
dang i don't even know where to start the story. Dunno if everyone would be interested in seeing the story either.

But i'd like to give it a shot.

The disclaimer at the beginning - I have no regrets. I did what I did at those pints of time with whatever I could do to whomever I could. The scenes you will see through this epic tale are reflective of the turbulent times that ensued. The events portrayed have definitely done their bit in shaping the MODERN ME. But I'm not what i used to be then!

Onward Ho!!

Bathroom etiquette

Going to the loo... so very natural!
Not taking care... and minding one's manners .. even more natural.

It doesn't matter a whit if you stay alone and have no one visiting you. I assume people already know what you're like in that case. For the rest of us social animals - it's good to observe etiquette in the bathroom!!

This is for certain work situations:
No Business in the Bathroom - yep - no biz deals to be conducted here..
Wash Your Hands - yes absolutely
Don't Lie in Wait - give the others a break..!!
Everyone is Equal in the Eyes of the Bathroom ... just like death itself...
Keep Down the Stink - who needs a log jam and a toxic chemical spill rolled into one?
Flush Flush Flush until all your friends are gone!
Please inform your friends if they have tucked in their shirts'n'skirts, tissue hanging from their feet, or paratroopers hanging from their noses

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. (yeah, I stole it, but its still …

Writing Type

You Should Be a Science Fiction Writer

Your ideas are very strange, and people often wonder what planet you're from.

And while you may have some problems being "normal," you'll have no problems writing sci-fi.

Whether it's epic films, important novels, or vivid comics...

Your own little universe could leave an important mark on the world!

What Type of Writer Should You Be?


Just about every political problem has a personal solution. If you are willing to accept the responsibility to feed and clothe and educate yourself and your family, 90 percent of the world's problems will become secondary issues for you.

Come to think of it - this might just work!!
The idea ain't mine - but if I make the effort to understand it on a PERSONAL level - things will get better


Transition - it's never too easy!
I'm moving from the roaring twenties to the somewhat placid 30s!!

They say Middle age is approaching...
Then i read this : Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places.

Yes - it's happening - i can feel the change.....aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

The only difference is that in my case - both are expanding!

Boredom @ Newstime

Have you seen the news lately?
Have you tried to read the entertainment column of any newspaper?

It’s an oft written about topic – so I won’t beat around the bush.
My point referred to the TOP NEWS in HT CITY today – covering Salman Khan, Katrina and his MAID! Yes – the cleaning woman!!

Nope – there’s no love triangle here.

Apparently the MAID feels Katrina doesn’t treat her well enough – so Katrina doesn’t vote for Mayawati! This apparent downtrodding is serious journalism – hence it made the top story on the rear page of the paper.

My take on it – they needed to do a small piece on Sallu & Katsy. They weren’t willing to comment – he’s not been doing too many bad things off late – films aren’t happening either – so ask the maid and get her take on it!

Building blocks

I played with LEGO blocks when I was younger. Most kids did. They taught us one vital thing – it’s the small blocks that add up to build the bigger picture. Every little block has it’s own importance and function in the scheme of things. In a manner of speaking – those blocks helped us simulate the bigger things that were on their way.

I haven’t forgotten my lessons.

The other day – I was watching TV– in one of my “don’t wanna do anything” kinda moods. I happened to catch a film on one of the channels titled – cheaper by the dozen. I presumed it was a comedy – since it starred Steve Martin. I was right but only partly so. The other half of the film carried a message. None of us are perfect – there is nothing like a perfect parent – there is nothing like a perfect relationship. It is not possible to reduce a relationship to an empirical formula.

I doubt iF Michaelangelo was satisfied with his job on the Sistine Chapel. As an artist – he knew he could do better. So also with relationships …


It’s a beautiful Sunday.
The clouds are out – the sun is in – the heat is out – the “COOL’ is in.
So then don’t watch Jhoom Barabar Jhoom!!!

The music is good – the choreography is great (esp. in the last song).

Abhishek looks hunky, Bobby tries to look funky.

Preity is her usual zestful self – Lara is FATTTTT!!
Ok – so she looks lusty when she’s fat!

I wonder how the multiplexes get away with charging 175 per ticket for a film like this – this is definitely not anybody’s TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD!

Wait for the VCDs to come out – look out for a day you’re feeling down – as down as you can get.. then head to Planet M and pick up the VCD ( Don’t waste money on a DVD).

Then you’ll know – you’re not totally down as yet!!

Anyways – I had a good time admiring my beautiful wife throughout the film….