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Life in a Metro

Life in a metro is not very different from the onscreen portrayal.
It's just that the hard stuff is difficult to digest upfront.

Wokay - it's a well made movie - and that includes the way the songs are done with the STRINGS Trio breaking the silence for a bit. Irfann Khan as MONTY is a nice role but poor Konkona - she never gets any action!
She starred in Mr & Mrs IYer - the passengers in the train prevented anything happening between her and Mr.Bose. Then came PAGE 3 - BF turned GAY.
This time around - he was already gay - and tried to trap her into a non-performing relationship. The poor gal must be really desperate by now! tsk Tsk!!

Other than that it's interesting how everyone is sleeping with everyone - other than the person they're supposed to. But it's also an eye opener - on how not to take things for granted in any relationship - especially the marital one.

Also - if there's too much action happening in the house next door - the key is probably being handed around.
Like they say - "petrol aur jawani hamesha nahin rehte - aaram se kharch karo"

Humorous post..!
That's all I'd say..
And yes,Konkona is,in fact very unfortunate.

dragged you for a god movie na [:P]

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