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Silence is more powerful than noise. It has the power to deafen when the loudest of music / noise serves only to amuse.

I was used to these moments of silence when I’d ponder over and solve most of the world’s problems in my head. At least the world that I knew of and existed in. Then there were those areas that I could ponder over and pretend to solve.

Now things have been altered – there’s a new player on the scene. Her very presence alters the fabric of decision-making and the aspect of deafening silence too. Silence is now tantamount to warfare – albeit the silent kind. It’s like the mind has taken on a mind of its own – goes into funny directions.

Then the driver jumps a red signal and I have to give him a piece of my mind. So the mind ponders eventualities that may have been – just for a minute!!

Meanwhile…. The silence continues!!

Have u heard of:

"If u cant read my silence, how will u understand my words"

Does make sense na??

"She" is the one (not that there isn't anyone else:-)) who can read ur silence as well as understands ur words!

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