Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...

The BIGGG picture

First off - is there a big picture??
I mean - everyone is always asking - Have you understood the BIGGG picture? Have you got a handle on the MACROOO situation? It's the HELICOPTER view that allows you do BIGGG stufff??
Me -I'm just a simple guy - ploughing my bit of earth and making a simpel living. What do I care about a shootout in an American school? I mean it's not like it's muc different from certain parts of my country.
So 9/11 happened - a lot of Americans got bumped off.... we have that kinda situation all the time here...
None of them looked in our direction when this country was burning!!

Maybe there is!!!
Secondly - is it as scary as we'd be led to believe??
Luckily I don't have all the answers!!
thank gawd for small mercies..... :-)


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