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It's like the title says...

Ay Ganpat!!

I've been going ON & ON on his one!!
It's been Ay Ganpat - daruu laa!!
Ay Ganpat - khana khilaa!
Ay Ganpat - table saaf karwa!
Ay Ganpat - chal side ho!
Even my ORKUT profile - is now - drinking wid Ganpat!!

All thanks to watching SHOOTOUT IN LOKHANDWALA from the 3rd row!!

This is one helluva film with everyone pitchng in!
It's one film where Dutt overshadows Bacchan!
Not a wasted moment in the film - although poor Abhishek was wasted - in 3 minutes flat!
They also wasted Neha and Diya... giving Aarti..... some meat - in her role!

Most impressive however - Mr Oberoi as Maya Dolas and his ragged gang.
Interesting to see - Tushar playing a shooter - kinda like BABYFACE in the Western films - or a young child being given a GUN to play with. He wasn't as convincing as we'd have liked him to be.....

The music is hummable, the acting is great, the story - based on true rumors....
Worth a watch!!

ayyyy ganpat...tera record atak gaya hai

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