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Unfortunately - my mind is in a tizzy at this point in time.
I'm in no mood to make anyone's day - not even my own!
This is one of those days rampant with self destruction!!

Cross my path today and you are likely to get into shit....
Just leave me on my own!!

I've been fuming since I got out of bed today..... this is not good!!!
Writing about it does little to alleviate the crappy state of affairs.


Silence is more powerful than noise. It has the power to deafen when the loudest of music / noise serves only to amuse.

I was used to these moments of silence when I’d ponder over and solve most of the world’s problems in my head. At least the world that I knew of and existed in. Then there were those areas that I could ponder over and pretend to solve.

Now things have been altered – there’s a new player on the scene. Her very presence alters the fabric of decision-making and the aspect of deafening silence too. Silence is now tantamount to warfare – albeit the silent kind. It’s like the mind has taken on a mind of its own – goes into funny directions.

Then the driver jumps a red signal and I have to give him a piece of my mind. So the mind ponders eventualities that may have been – just for a minute!!

Meanwhile…. The silence continues!!

Ay Ganpat!!

I've been going ON & ON on his one!!
It's been Ay Ganpat - daruu laa!!
Ay Ganpat - khana khilaa!
Ay Ganpat - table saaf karwa!
Ay Ganpat - chal side ho!
Even my ORKUT profile - is now - drinking wid Ganpat!!

All thanks to watching SHOOTOUT IN LOKHANDWALA from the 3rd row!!

This is one helluva film with everyone pitchng in!
It's one film where Dutt overshadows Bacchan!
Not a wasted moment in the film - although poor Abhishek was wasted - in 3 minutes flat!
They also wasted Neha and Diya... giving Aarti..... some meat - in her role!

Most impressive however - Mr Oberoi as Maya Dolas and his ragged gang.
Interesting to see - Tushar playing a shooter - kinda like BABYFACE in the Western films - or a young child being given a GUN to play with. He wasn't as convincing as we'd have liked him to be.....

The music is hummable, the acting is great, the story - based on true rumors....
Worth a watch!!

Discovering Hindsight

This is new.... I can see in front.. i see to the left and to the right....
Unless I turn around - there's simply no way I can look at what's behind me.
So what is this whole gibberish of Hindsight.... how can you look back.. through your backside???

Yes I know it's easier understanding the nature of an event after it has happened; "hindsight is always better than foresight"

Oh - and - there are those who suffer from Hindsight bias, sometimes called the I-knew-it-all-along effect. It is the inclination to see events that have occurred as more predictable than they in fact were before they took place.

I'm just trying to find my way around town - and play with hindsight.....
Methinks that even if I had predicted an event and taken corrective action - something else in the form of MURPHY would have struck and I'd be right where I am.

Do you believe in HINDSIGHT???
Have you made decisions that were WRONG - as you look back??

The BIGGG picture

First off - is there a big picture??
I mean - everyone is always asking - Have you understood the BIGGG picture? Have you got a handle on the MACROOO situation? It's the HELICOPTER view that allows you do BIGGG stufff??
Me -I'm just a simple guy - ploughing my bit of earth and making a simpel living. What do I care about a shootout in an American school? I mean it's not like it's muc different from certain parts of my country.
So 9/11 happened - a lot of Americans got bumped off.... we have that kinda situation all the time here...
None of them looked in our direction when this country was burning!!

Maybe there is!!!
Secondly - is it as scary as we'd be led to believe??
Luckily I don't have all the answers!!
thank gawd for small mercies..... :-)

Life in a Metro

Life in a metro is not very different from the onscreen portrayal.
It's just that the hard stuff is difficult to digest upfront.

Wokay - it's a well made movie - and that includes the way the songs are done with the STRINGS Trio breaking the silence for a bit. Irfann Khan as MONTY is a nice role but poor Konkona - she never gets any action!
She starred in Mr & Mrs IYer - the passengers in the train prevented anything happening between her and Mr.Bose. Then came PAGE 3 - BF turned GAY.
This time around - he was already gay - and tried to trap her into a non-performing relationship. The poor gal must be really desperate by now! tsk Tsk!!

Other than that it's interesting how everyone is sleeping with everyone - other than the person they're supposed to. But it's also an eye opener - on how not to take things for granted in any relationship - especially the marital one.

Also - if there's too much action happening in the house next door - the key is probably being han…


I’m not used to being at a loss for words. If anything – I can convert short nothings into verbose discussions (actually monologues) where the listener (they do listen sometimes) claws at his/her survival instincts to weather the storm.

This was an example!

Lack of Light!

and the good Lord said ,"Let there be light"...
so there was light...

Not so anymore - i tried the line all night long - the light(aka electricity) just refused to come!!

It's crazy when you spend heavily on the monthly Electricity bills and are still praying "aloud" every night for the absence of a power cut. I hate waking up from a well-intentioned, suiting my style kinda dream in an electriless nightmare.

Trust me - if wishes were curses.... the members of the electricity department in this city... would be burnt at the stake!!

Comparing Lives!!

Your Life is Better Than 90% of All People
You really lucked out. Your life is ideal and practically perfect.
You shouldn't have a care or worry in the world...
And make sure you remember that when something little gets you down.
Most people would kill for your life. So be happy that you're the one living it!How Does Your Life Compare?

Maritally Yours!

Yeah - the title is a lil misleading.
I'm all hers.... not really available on a Sharing basis any more!

These last 3 weeks ( to be precise) have ushered in a new phase. I never thought the metamorphosis would be this fast. I feel an internal revolution which came , swept and changed the political environment within me. This was like a well planned military coup or a bloodless revolution.

Things I'd be adamant about in the past - I just smile and accept. Okay - so i have a grumpy face sometimes. But mostly I do the right thing.

I haven't blogged for a while now - it's been sometime, since the wedding/reception pics were put up too. I haven't been much of a social person either. Just too focussed internally and trying to get things set right.

We'd decided early on in the relationship that I would not write about her on this blog. I will honor that agreement here.
See - I'm beoming a GOOD guy already!