Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


The last day….
The longest one too!!

Here I am, sitting the Security Check area of the Delhi airport.
It’s 5 AM and we have a flight to catch…. Kinda like the flight of destiny!

This is it.. all guns are loaded and the safeties are off!!
The next two days mark a MILESTONE in my life. I’m getting married J

So I’m dressed in BLUE.. cos’ I’m feeling all blue…
Tina & GT are dressed up to go to Hawaii!!

It’s way before his normal waking hours – so he’s been singin songs since we bundled him into the cab. It started with a deep voiced rendition of Vande Matram – the original song of independence!

Now we wait...

Congratulations, party time next time we are in India.

Oh..and ..also..'Best of Luck'(LOL).....married guys (married more than 6 mon...Ok 1 yr max) will understand what I said.

But "Congrats".

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