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The home stretch

5 days to go!!
The countdown is nearing the end of a long and arduous stretch.
Let's just say we're into the home stretch now. Many a game of cricket has been lost here.

Luckily there's no cricket happenin here... Trust the team to guarantee that.

But it's nice to see people arriving finally... my sis is here from HK and so is Gautam.
I was up all early this saturday morning - the last one of my bachelor life. I was determined to make the most of it.
And so WE did.

After loading Tina onto Mom, Gautam and me headed out to do some serious clothes shopping. Yes, my aparel collection was still incomplete. So we traversed the length and breadth of the Mall road, in vain, in the simmering heat!!

Finally, a trip down to Connaught place helped us locate the right bit of clothing for the AASHIRWAAD ceremony (aka engagement - 18th Apr).
We've even managed to do a lil color combination with the Bride!

Then a trip to my fav watering Hole in CP - RODEO.
Here we encountered some pretty pretty women.... Anku, Asha, Rash and surprise of surprises - Rajiv and his betetr half, Shirley!
So another session of gossiping and remembrances ensued. We all ensured that Gautam was bored to death.... and drinking an alcoholic concoction called - LARA NE MAARA; Anku preferred POLLOCK GOING ON & ON, while Asha and me stuck to DHONIS SLAMMERS!! She did try FLINTOFFS FAVORITE, but then realization dawned that not everyone is supposed to enjoy a Margarita!

Everyone talked of how my life was about to change.
Yes - I know!!

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