Crazy world... insane thoughts
It's like the title says...


This was also a film!!
A multi starrer too!!
Good music.... and I like Abhisheks acting too!!
It's sad that he had to pop it in the end.

Anyway - coming to the point - 10 days left - only DUS din!!

This is the time that a bit of insecurity creeps in... it's nearing the finish line.. really really close... and don't want another someone to win this race

Akshay Kumar - well he tried....
Luckily my true love & Supriyas taste in good clothes won out!!

So folks.... we're still on track for the April 19th Wedding!!!

oye...akki looked good ok

You've invited Akshay Kumar for your wedding?! Gazooks!!! May I have his autograph please?!!!
I'm a big fan! :-D

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