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A Decade & 1

Yoo Hooo - 11 days to go.
Dang - never even realized that we're almost into single digits now!

Then....they came home.. my grandparents... and my aunt... and my bhabhis and my bhai.... and my lil neices.
They all came and reminded me that there's just 11 days to go.
So we had our first quasi -religuous function today. A small ceremony..cos' my granps can't make it to Kolkata for the wedding.
All Smiles - Mom,Dad and my Bua
That's me - with my parents on on side and their parents on the other.

Female power - the ladies of the family(currently). Only my sister, Tina, is missing from this one.
All preparations are on... someone is preparing a dance, so someone is preparing a song. My bhabhis are planning to take my trip royally - during the wedding - this is payback time I guess. I had a lot of fun at their expense during their wedding.
They don't seem to approve of my proposed wedding attire - so I might even have to do a rethink on that front.
Me - i'm just planning to lie back and enjoy the ride.....

its about time.


next time complete the look...not only a flower in ur ear, but also a hula skirt n a garland :P

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