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It's like the title says...

4 days...

4 days of color!!

4din ki chaandni!!!

So we had a small religious ceremony to get us started. It was a small fire ceremony – called a HAVAN… not heaven, not haivan…. That started things here.

There was a Panditji… and there was the family.. the immediate & close family only.

I personally thought it was a drag – but then that’s just me!

We had a small song’n’dance session thereafter – which was more my idea of enjoyment and getting married.

I respect others’ religious beliefs – so I play along for the sake of it when I really really have to. Oh I’m religious – just not ardently so. There are things I believe in and will go the ends of the earth to get. Being overtly religious isn’t one of them. My beliefs lie within me. I don’t impose them, talk about them, or share them unless I have to. I also resent things being thrust down my throat.

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